Giving Thanks (part 2)

I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness. We have been praying daily for confirmation that we are stepping in the right direction. Well, when you ask…you receive!!! Here are a few of the ways that God has showed us that we are on the right path and that we will be okay through the calm and the storm.

It all began one morning that I was specifically praying for confirmation. I showed up at church as usual knowing the message was about marriage. I’m always excited to keep my marriage strong so adoption wasn’t really on my mind until he started to speak. He said he had a quick word before he started to preach. The  2nd thing our preacher said was, ” I have a prophetic word: Isaiah 35…there is hope for restoration” The Best is yet to come!!! (Thank you Jesus) Don’t believe the lies! (Thank you Jesus..again) God isn’t done…He loves you! (Thank you Jesus…again!!) And Lastly, are you ready for this??? ….. Money is pocket change to God…..(Thank you Jesus for speaking directly to me!!!) You just don’t know how excited I was about this. I wanted to go hug our pastors neck for being willing to let God speak through him. (Actually I did that later) The things he said were the things that we had been praying about….especially the money!! I absolutely love that He is giving us comfort so early in the journey.

Then early the next month we were at church and kind of feeling like the steps we were taking were being shut down. But  of course God gave us encouragement through Pastor Mike! He reminded us that stumbling blocks can be made into stepping stones. Sometimes you just need to take a step. Well, that is just what I needed to hear!!! Yes, we did need to take a step! Then he continued talking about how to take trials or pain and use it as a lesson….saying “I learned….”. So, if we do this we will have the opportunity to grow. We do want the chance to grow but sometimes we just let our fear get in the way. But then he also reminded us that faith can’t exist absent of hope and hope is fueled by love. So, I wrote down that I needed to meditate on Heb. 11.1…just take a step!

So, one way we took a step was going to the book store and bought some spiritual books and a book on adoption. I started this book and could not put it down. It was called Adopted for Life. I hadn’t quit finished it and one Saturday I was the only one home the entire day. I could think of a million things that I needed to do but I really felt like I needed to take time to read, listen, research, listen, worship, listen, and pray! Wow!!! That was totally worth it! Through this time God made it clear to not focus on money and I was starting to feel like we needed to look at International adoption and not just for one sweet child….yes, Rhees was in for a big surprise…I feel like God is telling us to adopt 3….He might never leave me alone again on a Saturday! The book was also talking about how we are the family of Christ and how we have gotten away from taking communion from one cup. This really stuck in my mind I’m not sure why but I was really thinking about the family of Christ. So, that evening I attended a small group that our church does for women who are dealing with loss or infertility. This particular time was going to be the last meeting of this year. So, the leader wanted to take communion together…as she was talking I could hardly contain myself when I glanced over and only saw ONE cup!!!! Lord…thank you for showing up EVERYWHERE!!! So, basically I came home and shoved this book in my husbands face and said, “start reading…we need to talk”. I did not want to discuss what I had experienced until he had been given the chance  to hear what He thought we were suppose to do.

By this time I’m so giddy I can’t stand it! I just pray that Rhees gets the same confirmation as I did and we can be on our way. The next sermon that I have a lot of notes about in my handy dandy notebook was about Armor of God. Sermon title was awesome….Don’t Fight Naked!! So, true! Well, I had written down:

1. Don’t just live life…have PURPOSE!

2. Don’t say…I would do this, but…..

3. You don’t have just have decisions…you need more information.

4. Believing in God doesn’t solve your problems, it gives you the truth to set you free

So, I’m looking at my notebook….and yes, there is still lot’s more that I want to share! So, I’ll fill you in tomorrow! I have to say that I love that I haven’t run out of things that God has been showing us. Pretty Awesome….huh??!! So, basically we are still giving thanks that we are not alone in this process!!!

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