It’s a doozy!

God woke me up at 4:30am. He does this. He wakes me up to read and pray. I don’t really want to, but I have to do it before I get to go back to sleep. So I read from Isaiah, as I have been and arrived at Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense.” This is a verse we have been standing on and I was happy to read it again. It kind of snuck up on me.

Later that night, we went to church, although there were some challenges getting there. It was one of those family dynamics that come about from raising a teenager. It was nothing new really, just one of the daily challenges of parenthood that makes you crave a nap. So we walked into church with little time to spare and sat in the front row by the pastor. As we entered the “turn around and shake somebody’s hand” part of the service, Pastor Mike came up and gave me a hug and said that he had been praying for us this morning. God wakes him up too. I guess I’m in good company. He and Renee were praying over a prayer request where I asked for God’s provision to “bring our children home”. He said that he liked the way I put that. I said, “Hey, God has our children picked out. They are OURS. We just haven’t met them yet.”

During the offertory, Pastor Mike said to the congregation, “It’s no accident that you are here.” He wasn’t kidding.

At the end of the service he said that he had one more thing to do before he let us go. He looked at us and said, “Rhees, what is the next step that you need to take in your adoption process and how much will it cost?” We shared with him the cost of our initial program fee, which is no small amount. I stammered getting that out of my mouth because I knew where he was going with this. Rebekah was touched that he was going to have the church pray for us, but that’s not what he did.

He said that God had put it on his heart to help us financially with our adoption. He pulled us up on stage and told the congregation that the church body needed to help bring home the newest members of Destiny Church. And then, after making sure that everyone knew that no donation was too small he said, “You know what to do, church.” And they do! Destiny Church is truly a church that is about loving people, and this is not the first time they have taken care of someone in this way. Usually it is someone who is in a much more difficult situation than us, or who has suffered a terrible hardship. So tears streamed down Rebekah’s cheeks and my eyes welled up as hundreds of people brought thousands of dollars to the stage and stuffed them into the offering buckets. I say stuffed because they literally had to stuff the money and checks into the buckets. We received so many encouraging words, handshakes and hugs. It was overwhelming.  After they totaled everything up, it came out to just what we needed, plus a little extra. How great is our GOD!!!!!

But wait! There’s more!!! On the way out we stopped to talk to some friends and sitting with them was a certified councilor. We had been wondering who to call for our psychological evaluation required by the adoption agency. It’s not like we know any psychologists or as if we are going to be sitting in the lunch room and say, “So…who is YOUR psychologist?” We didn’t want to just pick someone out of the phone book either. So God just decided to show off a little and provide us with a contact for a psychologist as well as blessing us financially.

Today we sent off the money to our agency, which should really kick things into high gear. It should also speed up the process of getting a home study started, which we have also paid for.  We can’t wait to get things rolling!


2 thoughts on “It’s a doozy!

  1. Wow! What an amazing story of God’s blessings! You both are always in my prayers and I know you will be fabulous parents! 🙂

  2. Whoo hoo! Isn’t God the best & what a blessing to have your church’s support; our home church was such a crucial role in our adoption: through their prayer, encouragement, & support we never felt alone during the adoption process. Love hearing about your blessings!

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