Garage Sale Part 1

Why is adoption so expensive? That is one of the top questions that people ask us. It is sometimes hard to explain to people but our agency has set up a very detailed list of expenses. This is very helpful to show people exactly what we are paying for. Maybe some of the prices seem a little high for some people but they are taking care of everything for us. We don’t have to worry about something that we missed. They are there double checking everything. That makes us more relaxed about the process! So, yes it may seem crazy expensive but there are so many things to consider.

We started this journey knowing that we did not have the total amount to pay for the adoption. We were stepping out in faith knowing that if this is God’s plan, He will provide. Already we have had things happen that have proven that He is taking care of every need! This makes the journey so much more exciting!! Doing God’s will is very scary and thrilling all at the same time!

We talked about fundraising and have read books to help us decide what would be the best for us. We read Adoption Without Debt and gained some great ideas. We knew that a garage sale would be a great idea because you aren’t out any money. But let’s get real… was December when we were talking about this! Well, as you know God can show up in ways that you aren’t expecting! We tossed around the idea of an indoor garage sale but if that was going to happen then we would have to borrow a building. The school we worked at would only allow us to do it if we had insurance and our church is not anywhere close to our community. However, we do have some amazing friends that have a church in our community that we happen to work with. I mentioned it one day and you guessed it….they were totally on board!!

Now with a location and a date we just needed donations. We started to advertise with friends and then Facebook also, that we were collecting donations for a garage sale in about a month. We offered to come and get any donations. We spent the next weeks every night organizing items and sorting clothes. Donations just kept coming in and blessings poured over us. (which is exciting…remember Rhees’ dream in his post ) So, this began to get very overwhelming when the rooms started to fill up and there were only pathways in our home. Even the dogs were a little stressed with the lack of running room. We just kept reminding ourselves that this was a HUGE blessing and it was temporary. Although if anyone that didn’t know us walked in, they would be sure to call the Hoarder’s Burried Alive show! We had over 35 families donate items for the sale….this was a God’s sized blessing!


At one point we were no longer able to park in the garage. Let me remind you…it’s winter 😦


We sorted these into sizes. This is only little girls clothes!! Amazing..huh!!


This room ended up taking 3 trucks and an SUV to empty it!

Thankfully, the church was willing to let us in on Thursday to start setting up. We knew that we needed the extra time. We had a few dedicated friends and family that braved the set up!!! I truly wish I could express to them how thankful I am for their hard work! One night we only got 2 hours of sleep. But by the end of the night on Friday, we had it set up and ready to go. We only had one little bump. When we were leaving work on Friday we were headed to the bank to get change. Sadly , we got distracted by the garage sale signs that were missing (aka : stolen ) and we forgot to get change. This was a big deal…..try having a huge garage sale with out change. IMPOSSIBLE! Thankfully, we got change at a local store. We have no idea who took the signs, but I can guarantee that it was Satan trying to get us upset. But he couldn’t touch us…God took care of all of the details.

Now it was time to begin the sale!!

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Part 1

  1. hurry and finish the story. I know most of it, but I love reading about it again! I love you guys and am excited and blessed to see God at work in every aspect of this journey! So…can’t wait to see the next installment of the garage sale!

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