Waiting is just part of the journey when you say yes to adoption….or…..really when you say yes to God. His plan is never done. I was reminded at church this week that God always keeps His promises! Even when we have waited and waited and yes still waiting for them…. even to the point of forgetting about them. Rhees and I have really sought after God’s path regarding what we are supposed to be doing with adoption. We feel strongly that we are following the right path. Yes, we have already had Satan try to bring doubt into our head…but the way we have found to defeat that is by recognizing the enemy! God doesn’t plant negative thoughts into your mind about yourself or others. So, it’s just a daily decision to dwell in the positive things (blessings) that God provides everyday. And yes, some days it may be something easy to recognize like a huge successful garage sale….and sometimes days are hard and we are just thankful for small things like our car started and my husband helped do the dishes. Yes, those are wonderful things!! So, we are committed to adoption…..whatever God provides through that….we are open! The more I think about the children all over the world that need families, it just breaks my heart! So, when I saw this picture on a blog called The Inspiration Files I just had to share!

This is how I feel! Not only for my children that I haven’t met in another country but also all of my children that have beat me to heaven. I will one day hold all of them in my arms! I can’t really express how I feel and what I have been through to get to this point, but I can tell you that God gives you desires and He will fulfill them! When He makes a promise…He keeps it!


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