Due Date vs. No Due Date

One of the exciting moments women wait for when they are pregnant is their due date and finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. We recently experienced both of these moments just not as we expected them. We found out we were going  to have a February baby! Of course as a women the planning starts immediately, except if you have had many disappointments before. Then instead of planning your just praying for  a baby to be born! Well, we almost got to the “safe point” (whatever that is) , it was our last appointment with the specialist. We were going to be released that day to go to a “regular doctor”. Instead of leaving that appointment excited….we left heartbroken again. Another one of our babies went to be with Christ.

I don’t usually feel the need to share this type of thing. But I was reminded this week of something and I just felt like maybe other people have felt the same way. I was reminded that my due date was just a couple of weeks ago. And remember that I have already mentioned that one of the exciting moments you have when your pregnant is finding out …boy…or …girl. Well, we did find out that we did have a very healthy boy. They aren’t sure what happened. So, when I was reminded about my due date recently….I just had to stop and thank the Lord for that little healthy boy. I didn’t get to meet him but he is one lucky boy to be sitting with Christ right now! I want people to remember that this is not our home. No matter how bad the hurt or disappointment is…this is not our home. I focus on God’s promises and that is what gets me out of the heartache…every time! I’m not saying the emotions just go away(ask my husband…I’m a crying mess sometimes), but I do have hope and joy that I will have the desires of my heart and I will see all of my children one day!

While we are waiting for that, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it…adopting children that just want to be loved. So, to all of the moms out there that are adopting and don’t have a due date and don’t know the gender right now. I just want to encourage you to use God’s strength and stay strong! Stay in His word and speak to him daily! The relationship you have with your Heavenly Father will make this wait so much easier. This process is filled with ups and downs…..but totally worth saving any child from not having a family! I came across this song and thought it was perfect! Blessings are sometimes in disguise. Not fair…I know….But didn’t your mom always tell you life isn’t fair..(love ya mom). God loves us….He is always there to hold us when we just don’t know what to do.


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