Be The Change


I want to introduce a family that has been blogging about their adoption process! Go on over to their blog and enjoy reading about the journey. They are adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you feel like you should be changing the world one orphan at a time, however you aren’t called to adopt….then this is perfect for you! Just buy a shirt….or two!

Watch this video they have made for you!

Click HERE to buy a shirt and start praying for their journey!

Wearing an adoption shirt is more than just looking good and giving money towards adoption.

When you wear it:

1. It reminds you to pray for orphans.

2. It is a conversation starter. Start spreading the news about how easy it is to help with adoptions. (Be the Change)

3. You have blessed a family. Did you know that you will also be blessed!

4. Who knows….you might sparks someone’s interest to start the adoption process!

Thank you friends for helping other families take their next step in the adoption process! You will be blessed!


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