Goose Chase

I have started another book that a friend gave me. It is so captivating! I can’t put it down. So, I thought I’d share so far what has me intrigued. Let me remind you that I used to never read. Once I started having this deep desire to learn more about myself and God’s will for me….I can’t stop reading!!!

Here is the book

gooseInteresting Thoughts From the Book:

1. The Celtic Christians named the Holy Spirit-  The Wild Goose

If you chase the Wild Goose, He will take you places you never could have imagined.

2. If we are following God it should = adventure ( which is what our human nature longs for)

3. When we are lacking the guts to step in faith, we are robbing God of the glory that belongs to Him.

4. Our greatest responsibility is pursuing the passions God has put in your heart.

5. As long as we are focused on what we’ve done wrong in the past, you won’t have energy left to dream Kingdom dreams!

6. Christians should be some of the most passionate people because we have something to die for.

7. Are you turning your responsibilities into excuses to step forward into Your Kingdom Dream?

This was so exciting to me because I think everyone on the adoption path can say they are on God’s adventure. It is like chasing a Wild Goose at times,

but knowing that you are in God’s will….

now that is just an amazing feeling….

even when there are tears!

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