Goose Chase (part 2)

I have been super busy this past week and feeling stressed that I have put aside my whole goal this summer… rest, read, and spend time with God. So, at least I recognized it and am determined to get back on that path. You don’t know how much you crave God’s word until you are absorbing yourself with it and then take a break. Wow!~ I love that I am entering a part of my life where I am digging deeper instead of waiting around for God’s will to “happen” to me.

I picked up the book that I have been reading and am realizing this book + devotionals with the hubs+ prayer+ church sermons + scripture + educating myself = I am entering a time in my life that could be very scary yet AMAZING!

This book really challenges you to think about your life and where you are in the process of saying yes to God. I personally think that you should click the link below and buy this book….I am borrowing mine…but have decided that it is too good to give back and forget about…I’m buying it!


Here are some more things that I have gathered from this book.

* Quit praying and start doing (get your feet wet)….we did this by getting in touch with an adoption agency instead of continuing to pray about what God wanted us to do about children.

*To see God move, you have to move!

*Keep a good attitude while you are working on the small things…this is super hard when things aren’t working out..or you are waiting!

*What little things should we be doing to prepare us for down the road?? (speak Spanish…get our house ready…save money..PRAY!!)

*Get out of your routine! Change the pace! (3 children added to our house will definitely change our routine) Are you willing to put down things that are routine for you to do something for God??

*Don’t assume….I don’t know how many times I have assumed that I couldn’t do something…instead believe. The financial part of adoption I used to assumeĀ  that we would never be able to pay for that. We aren’t done yet, but so far every time we need money…it was there! (just enough)

I am very overwhelmed by the amount of information and challenges that this book provides….again…I don’t think that I’m good enough for the things that I dream about, however I do believe that I am God’s creation and just by getting my feet wet and saying yes to Him I can race towards my dreams and get out of my routine for the Glory of God~

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