Foster Care Shower

Our church has a ministry that helps encourage women who have infertility issues or miscarrages. This group has been amazing for me… just don’t feel so alone in the process.
I know that the women in this group miss out emotionally because they aren’t going through the “pregnacy” steps that many others experience. One thing that they miss out on is being showered with blessings from their friends….aka baby shower.
I have gotten to know the leader better and better and was thrilled when she decided to start doing foster care with a private agency!
So, very last minute God woke me up told me that this new foster mom should have the same experiences she would get if the child were growing inside her.
So, I know many of you reading this know people involved in foster care…think about their needs/emotions.

So, we set up a party to shower her with blessings! There were lots of gift cards and some very creative things that she could use all the way up to 6yrs old. My favorite was the zoo membership!! Anyway, I just wanted to post so that you might think about someone in your world that wants so bad to experience all those mommy moments or just needs a helping hand!


This banner was all different sized clothes…because you never know what your going to get!


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