It Will Be Yours


I have been reading so many blogs that tell their wonderful stories of adoption. I have been noticing  that the common factor in these families, is WAITING. I think we all have that in common. Every life story I read is different. This encourages me! It is exciting to me that we all have our own story to share! Every family waits for something different.

In the adoption world it is …….

(a matching child, courts, paperwork,  home study, appointments, training, meeting their child)

In a pregnant mom it is……..

(test results,  gender reveal, contractions, labor, meeting their child)

In a single women it is…….

(for the right man)

In a wife whose husband is overseas with the military it is……

(for a safe return, for that next message he sends, for peace in your heart)

When I see that others have waited for different things for so long it makes me feel like I’m right on track and I’m not in this alone.

I know that when I wait and save for something I just become more and more excited about getting it. I can’t imagine the excitement I will have when I see the faces of my children that I have been waiting on.

I think it would be encouraging for you to comment below to share maybe how long you have waited on something or what you have waited for. I’m not asking for a detailed story, just a quick note so we can see that we are all in this together!

Join together to WAIT because it WILL be worth the WAIT!


One thought on “It Will Be Yours

  1. Ugh! The waiting is the hardest part, but also can be the stage of the most growth. Of course I waited during both of my adoptions. Prior to that I was waiting for “the next step,” which ended up being the first of those adoptions. Before that I waited for my life to have its “new normal.” And before that I waited for us to have more financial stability. And before that I waited for a husband (I was 27 when I got married, which seemed “so old” at the time…ha! Ha!). So, yes, I guess in some ways we are always waiting. But sometimes (during an adoption especially) the waiting is more pronounced and painful. Right now I am not painfully waiting for anything, but I need to search my heart as to what I am expectantly waiting for.

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