waiting children

Well, I have not forgotten about this blog. It is in my mind everyday! I think about all kinds of great things to share with you, however; I just have not taken the time to share these things. Another reason I haven’t posted in a long time, is because there has been A LOT going on! Some of it is overwhelming which is sometimes hard to write about. Some of it is just so exciting and I just want to make sure when I tell you about it, I do a good job. I want to always take my time and not hurry through a post. And last but not least….I just have not had time! So, I am hoping in the next few weeks, you will have all kinds of things to read about.

So, one thing that I’m disappointed in is the lack of posting in November. Here I am trying to blog about the adoption journey and I don’t post even 1 time in November (adoption month).

What I do like about life is all the opportunities we have though. If you mess up or don’t do your best at something, you can always try again. So, I want to share a site that is featuring a child every day for the month of Dec. These kids are up for adoption and need a loving family! I just think the more we spread the word the better chances these kids will find the right family! So, here you go….enjoy reading and praying for each of these kids.

Click Here to see children waiting for their forever home!


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