Adoption is a journey….we are learning the ups and downs of it. We have so much more to learn, especially when our children arrive.  For those of you who have adopted, you will totally understand the point we are at. In the beginning of adoption you are following a paperwork trail to get your kids home. We went through this a year ago and were so excited that we finished it in record time! Well, like I said… that was a year ago and that means that our paperwork has expired and we are in the updating process.  I’m going to be real here. I need some prayer to get through this waiting/paperwork. I have lost some of that energy and excitement to get things done quickly.

When you are in a season of waiting, it can overwhelm you. I have talked before about how it can actually turn into an idol. So, we have tried to go on with life and not let the adoption “what ifs” start to hold us back from living life. We are enjoying life and are excited for what is to come!

Two things that have kept us distracted and busy are the two new babies in our family!I love being around babies! Their laugh just makes me smile! Seriously…being an aunt & grandparent is incredible! Most recently we had a 1st Birthday and 1st Food! Here are some pics from our fun times!


1st Baby Food!

My brother's sweet 1yr old!

My brother’s sweet 1yr old!

It is important that we enjoy life and don’t let the waiting blind the joy all

around us!


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