Feed My Starving Children

I really enjoy when my friends can get together and serve. Each year the Feed My Starving Children’s organization comes to town and we are always quick to sign up! I love working with each other as a team! While having a good time you are also helping children all over the world! If you have not heard of this organization, please check them out! Click HERE if your curious about how you can help. They could use your support in a variety of ways!

Our church group always does this on a Saturday morning. So we are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! The organization is very well prepared in instructing us on how to most effectively pack the meals for the children. They have videos letting your know where the food is going and how the process works. The difference the food makes for these children is mind-blowing! I have seen these videos before but this year I almost let my emotions get the best of me. I just couldn’t help but think that the children we are waiting to adopt might need food like what we were going to pack. Yes, I had to fight back the tears.

One of the parts that I look forward to every year is seeing everyone in a hair net. This by far is the funniest part! There are very few that can wear one of these and still look amazing! The place that the packing is done, is very clean! (No jewelry, hair nets, and lots of cleaning hands)

We are so blessed to have a great groups of friends who love serving others!

This picture taken by our Community pastor just makes me smile!


After the packing each person can try eating the food that we had been packaging. I have to say, it is delicious! It is probably healthier food than I normally eat considering I don’t like veggies.  There is also a gift shop that is open. The items made are to support the ministry. There are also items that are made in other countries. So, there are so many ways to support these children and families! I just LOVE it! So, of course we had to support in some way.

We got matching shirts!



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