College Bound

Here I am VERY excited to attend a ceremony to watch my beautiful daughter graduate High School!

CLASS of 2014!!!!



Graduation is such a special celebration for families! As I look back at the path I followed, this graduation just couldn’t make me prouder! I was a young mom….no I don’t recommend this path for anyone!!!! (it’s HARD!!!!)  However, I am here to tell you that if you find a friend going through this or you are a young mom, there is a great and exciting path in front of you! Never give up and keep positive people around you! My daughter graduated this year and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for her. She has big goals and is very determined!


She just loves her mom’s kisses!

It's official!

It’s official!


These are my parents that NEVER gave up on me! They are here to celebrate!


This was the cute dress under the Cap and Gown! She is my little fashionista!


My girls!!!!

20140516_210653 20140516_211158 20140516_211341

She surprised us with a grandchild this year and brought a lot of mixed emotions with it. Going through this myself, it brought back some of the feelings I had when I was in High School. After prayer and conversations with her, we chose to enjoy every minute of this blessing God has given our family. It was hard at first because those earthly emotions come over you and it would have been easy to be negative towards this situation. I was heart-broken for her to have to go through this hard journey and was also  sad that we had to put our adoption on hold. But those are the feelings that we should not cling too. Satan will take some beautiful things in your life and tell you that they are negative. Making you miss out on the most precious parts of your life. If you look at it from God’s perspective you will see the beauty in the unexpected turns life takes. When we chose joy it made our world turn around. I can’t express the blessings we have had since then. Our daughter is absolutely an amazing mom and our granddaughter makes us smile every single day!

So, today is my 3rd day of summer break and I have the most awesome opportunity! I get to babysit my granddaughter two days a week while my daughter goes to college!! We are going to have so much fun! And my daughter is beyond excited to start college. Actually she just called me on her break and couldn’t stop talking about how she loves class! I love seeing God work His plan. When I look at my path I see the times that I have fallen and not understood what was happening. However; I also look back and see miracles happening and things I just couldn’t see when I was right in the middle of them. When you choose to take the positive road, your life will have some unbelievable surprises. Love the ones around you …even if it is hard! My parents never gave up on me and I will never give up on my daughter!


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