Bless A Child

Bringing a child that is hurting/grieving into your home is not for everyone. However, I strongly believe you can support orphans on so many different levels.

  • give to a fundraiser
  • pray DAILY for the children and families involved
  • support a child overseas
  • give clothing or volunteer at a local shelter
  • provide a meal or babysitting for a foster/adoptive mom
  • pay a certain fee in a friend’s adoption
  • support a ministry or orphanage
  • read adoption books so you can have an understanding about how to help your friends who are adopting/fostering.
  • throw a shower for a foster/adoptive mom
  • buy items that give percentages to orphanages
  • cheer your friends on that are going through foster care/adoption
  • coordinate a fundraiser for a friend

Be creative and bless the children of God!


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