Our family is excited to be able to say we are marking things off our adoption checklist!!! Today my husband and I got up early and headed into town to take a 567 question inventory. When you decide to adopt, you really don’t take in EVERYTHING you will have to do. Our agency is very helpful and told us in the beginning what would be required, however you don’t really understand the whole picture until your there.

Remember this form from High School and College! Well, I got very acquainted with it again today! All those feelings of school came rushing back….


scantron-test-illustrationBefore we arrived I had an idea about what the test would be like. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about how long this was going to take me. You see….I analyze EVERYTHING!! So, multiple choice tests are bruttle!

*Ex: Recently on a love languages quiz it asked if I would rather my husband hug me or kiss me?

Well, goodness… mind starts thinking…. well I love hugs especially when I need comforted but before we go to bed I want a kiss …….as you can see my mind just thinks of every situation possible.

When we checked into the office, they asked which one of us wanted to take the computer version and which one wanted the scan tron version.

(At this moment I was thinking….not another choice….Noooooo)

So, I picked the paper/pencil and my husband did the computer. We were in separate rooms and had as much time as we needed. To my surprise it was NOT multiple choice. It was true and false! This is not perfect but much better for me. There were some very easy questions and then some you really had to think about. I wasn’t going fast but I thought I was making decent time. Then I saw my husband walk past my room on his way to take a break….later to find out he was finished…..ugh!

Not that is was a race but……

His time: 1hr

Her time: 2hr 10min

Well, the important part is that we finished and we are moving on to the next step. We have an appointment for our update on our home study next week. Then we get to meet with the psychologist the week after that. Our home study will not be official until we get the psychologist’s report.

Please pray for us as we are moving forward. THANK YOU!!




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