Agency Approval




Super exciting news came to us this week! We knew we were getting close and had turned in all the paper work, however; we are officially APPROVED through our agency! This required a training, lots of paperwork, updates of paperwork, a home study, psychologist report, Dr. visits, pictures of our family and home, and more paperwork. This is a big deal because in the adoption world it seems you sit and wait A Lot. So, when you move forward you just have to celebrate!! We are so impressed with our agency and couldn’t have made a better choice for our family. They are so helpful and understanding. I pray that if you’re adopting, you get the same support as we have had. Our agency has been doing this for over 125 years. We are so blessed by their knowledge!

~pray that during the waiting we don’t get discouraged and stay focused on living each day to its fullest.

~pray for approval through the next few steps

~pray we find a sibling match for our family

~pray that the adoption fees will be fully funded

*Thank you for your prayers and support during this journey that God is leading us on. It is fun to experience it with you!


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