Attachment in Adoption

When you are going into any new situation or journey, you always need to prepare. I have learned that you can’t know everything that is going to happen but you need to be equipped. In the adoption journey it is so difficult to prepare for behaviors that could possibly happen or never happen. So, instead of being overwhelmed with the “what if’s” it is much more comforting to have read some resources and know that you might have to go back to them when certain behaviors appear. When you continue to read these adoption books, you get a good idea where to start. As we all know…..parenting takes a village of people. So, surround yourselves with books, pod casts, adoptive families, doctors, teachers, pastors, counselors, and people who are just encouraging no matter what happens~!

Hope you enjoy this book!

Attachment in Adoption

attatching in adoptionHere is just a glimpse of what is in this book:

~why is attaching important




~Cultural changes

~complications for attaching

~emotional development

~what does progress look like

~anxiety and control


~team support

~professional help

*This is definitely a book you read more than once. The teacher in me always wants a method of remembering these great ideas. I usually start something and then change my mind….but here are two ideas you might try.


-in the book leave sticky notes

*Stick it on with a tab hanging out of the book. On the tab write the behavior that is addressed. This is nice because you can quickly pick up the book and see what behaviors are addressed in the book.


*In a notebook designate a few pages for each behavior you come across during your journey. This allows you to write notes from many different resources about one behavior. This makes it easy to look back and quickly see advice, doctors, symptoms, or even blogs with advice.


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