One Step Closer

Facts about adoption:

1. Your lunch times turn into trips to the Post Office. These Postal workers become your friends. They are way more helpful than the kiosk in the lobby!

2. You pay for tracking, 2-day shipping, insurance, and other services you would otherwise probably never use. (but this paperwork that you send off is like gold…so you do anything to make sure it gets to it’s destination)

3. The copy machine is your friend. (make copies of EVERYTHING)

10959293_10205983166804072_5888990508825653809_nThe question asked by most of the people we know……so when will you meet your kids?

Our answer…..when God is ready to reveal who they are.

So, for now I am just going to keep updating you on where we are in this process until the day comes to tell you about our kids. We are so excited that we are checking things off our list and are at peace with the timing of this process.

On the last update, we told you that we were waiting on our FBI fingerprints to arrive.

Well, we got them!!!! It was one of those days that we prayed in the morning to claim that we would receive the prints that day and when we got home they were in the mailbox. Praise the Lord!

So the next step is getting those FBI results to Colombia. When they arrive in Colombia, they will be put with our Dossier and be ready for approval and matching!

I really can’t believe we are talking about these final steps.

Pray for us to continue to LISTEN to God and not set up our own plans. He has seen us all the way through this process and we are excited to watch the rest unfold.



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