We have been preparing for our adoption in many ways, however it is impossible to know exactly what it will be like when we meet our kids. There are so many unknown variables in our adoption equation. We are doing what we can to prepare and be aware of common things that we can do to help with the transition for our children. We will not know everything that they will need, so we are just preparing to make our life as simple as we can when they arrive. Please know that every adoption is different. We may transition at a normal rate( ha…who really is normal), slowly, or we may need to change some things in our regular routine. (like Bible studies ….I might be involved in too many! ) Bonding with our children is very important. We want them to feel safe and not overwhelmed with all of the changes they are going to encounter. The time and effort we put into the beginning stages will help set them up for success for their future. I just wanted to share this video from, Karen Purvis, that helps you see a glimpse into why simplifying your life is important.

We are excited to meet our kids, but we also have to remember that our kids are available for adoption because something traumatic happened to them. It is very different from bringing your newborn home from the hospital where every single person has taken amazing care of them. So, please keep praying for our children, please. Pray that:

-they are surrounded by people in their orphanage that care about them, talk to them, feed them, play with them, encourage them, and make them feel safe.

-their paperwork is completed quickly so they can come home to start their transition into our family.

-that we will understand their needs and will be able to make them feel safe.

-if they have any illnesses, they are healed!

-that they have started the healing process from past traumatic events.

Insight 2: Simplify Your Life from Tapestry on Vimeo.


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