Flashback Friday…jar of money

This just seems to be the perfect time to flash back to all the wonderful people that joined together to bring our girls home. I am going to try to post a flash back every Friday so we can remember all the things God did for us to get to this point. We can’t wait for our girls to meet all the people that have been so generous and cared so much about them. Here are just a few things that happened along the way that were truly blessings to children people have never met.

We have this very sweet family at church that also has a heart for adoption. They have been a shoulder to lean on when times where just discouraging, a successful encouraging adoption story, and that person that just knows you need a hug even when you didn’t ask. Well, they have this daughter that I wish you all could meet. She is the most precious selfless girl you will ever meet. On two occasions they blessed us with a jar of money.


The 1st time they blessed us, our adoption was put on hold and I was very discouraged. I was just asking God if this was a way of shutting the door for the adoption. And then there on a Sunday morning….this sweet child of God stood in front of me holding a jar of money. She didn’t have a lot to say except that they had raised this for us. She didn’t need to say anything really because this was God speaking to me. She will never know the impact this generosity made on me. God was gently showing me that He was still providing for this adoption….it was not time to quit, be discouraged, or sit in my sadness. It was time to have HOPE and look for the blessings all around. It was time to encourage others and show God’s love to the ones around me while I wait. You see God is working through my friends to show us the path.I just have to pay attention long enough to follow the steps He provides.


Then here recently the wife of the family came holding money for us just like her daughter had done before. And with tears in my eyes, I said thank you. I was not a very good receiver before this process started but now I have learned that if God wants to bless you ….say thank you! This gracious women didn’t know that I was worrying about our traveling to Colombia, but she followed what God was telling her and blessed me. She told me to use it for a meal in Colombia….and again God is telling me through her….I am providing a way.

And yes…I still have that jar. It is a reminder that God is providing what we need. I use the jar to save extra change we have and then put it in the adoption account. However, I have this funny feeling that God is going to have me pass it on to another family. And I can’t wait to see who it will be!

It makes me sad to think that before I was putting my pride before what God wanted for me. I would not accept gifts because I would worry about how I needed to pay them back or think that they just felt sorry for me. I’m just being honest here! Seriously, learning to receive has been hard for me. However, God new that this adoption would stretch me and mold me into who He created me to be. I am so excited to see what God has for us next. This adventure is fun, terrifying, and truly amazing everyday!


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