Unique Surprise Party

Through life you have all different kinds of friends that fall into your life. Sometimes they are just there for a moment  and then you have life long friends that know your deepest feelings. I am truly blessed by the people that surround me. When I think about the details, it is just overwhelming. I just pray that I can bless people the way they bless me. One thing that God has been showing me these past years is :


~I have always been a person that really didn’t want to accept gifts.

*I felt guilty that they were spending money on me.

*I would always feel like I needed to pay them back or convey how thankful I was.

*I would put myself down because I couldn’t do things alone. (this one is just sad…you CAN NOT do life alone)

Then God started to show me that I was missing out big time! When people bless people there is so much more that goes on than you getting a gift. We pray all the time for provision and yet when someone walks up and hands you God’s provision, we say, “No, you don’t have to do that.” instead of saying, “Thank you, Lord!” I would allow my pride to get in the way of God’s wonderful plan. Also, there is more to God providing for you. Blessings are contagious! When you receive with a joyful heart, it just makes you want to go out and bless others. And the person who blessed you, yes…just wait…they have a blessing coming (and mostly likely it’s not from you as a “pay back”)

This is so BIG! I wish I would have understood this early but hey better late than never!

So, to finish my story I want to tell you about how our co-workers knew our heart and blessed the socks off of us. It truly could not have been more perfect!

💗 Late one night we had literally just hung up on Skype with our daughters. It was one of those hectic nights that dinner was not made and we had so much to do. Our oldest daughter had mentioned that we should just get pizza. That was the best idea ever! She said, lets just go get it. Well, that was a little odd because we usually called in the order before we left to go get it. However, she said, “just get out here.” At that moment I knew that something was going on. We went outside and nobody was there. I was looking around and then I saw it!  Coming down our street was a huge group of people walking towards our house singing Jesus Loves the Little Children. Well, you guessed it….I lost it. Seriously, the best surprise ever! They came up and hugged us and each one of them had the perfect words for our heart. They were encouraging, funny, thoughtful, and some just had great travel advice.

prayer circle

Then these sweet people know our family so well……we circled around our front yard (our girls new home ) and prayed over this journey that we were getting ready to begin. This post will not even convey how much this meant to our hearts. Seriously…I cried that night, I cry when I think of this, and yes…I’m crying right now. After most of the tears had happened …they blessed us with gifts and a huge ring of note cards with encouraging words we could read for our journey. This night was still, quiet yet full of life, and the perfect blessing during a crazy busy week. They each hugged and cried with us and then went on their way……and we said…..THANK YOU!

I won’t be able to pay each person back or write thank you cards. I won’t be able to explain what each person means to me or tell them why their gift was perfect. However, I have learned that is not my job. I can say thank you and God will take care of the master plan and they will be beyond blessed for their generosity that night!

You know I said at the beginning of this post that saying thank you was so important and God would take care of the rest…well, here is just one more story that will prove to you that blessing others will come back around and change your life. This picture melts my heart that these children witnessed this example of friends being there for each other. They will remember this night and will be changed by the example their parents set for them.

kids prayer

One of the older boys shared his thoughts about this night with his mom and it left both of us speechless! It is proof that this journey we are on is NOT about us.

~They hopped in the car and this conversation started:

“Last night after leaving your house our 14 year old said to us, “I can’t believe they are going all the way to Colombia to get some girls. They are saving these kids’ lives.” After a few minutes he asked if I thought he could come back and meet them when they get here. I told him that I’m sure at some point he would meet them. I asked him why and his response was, ‘I just know that God is making this happen. I really feel like I need to meet them in order to be a part of this and to make this experience full circle for myself. This might be the best thing I’ve been a part of.'”
Speechless…there is nothing more to say…God has great plans for you, friend!

We are so excited to share this journey with you! We definitely are keeping a watchful eye to bless people and pay it forward.



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