No disappointment…only God’s Hand

This adoption process is full of things to check off your list in order to get your beautiful kids home. You make your way through paperwork hoping it will go quickly. For me it hasn’t been emotional. I am just working towards a goal. When we got matched I was excited and a little part of me started realizing that this was really happening.

My past experiences with so many miscarriages have really messed with my ability to become excited before something happens. Sadly, I think I have a little doubt when I should just be leaning on my strong Savior who has me in his arms. However, I am not perfect so this is the area of my life I am working on. I wasn’t sure when it would kick in that this adoption was real, I was becoming a mom, and God had been preparing me for this.

Just a few weeks ago my husband and I needed one more document before we traveled to Colombia to pick up our girls. We needed to get our Visa to travel to Colombia and have two Colombian citizens in our custody. We tried to get this done early however, they were closed. The best option was a little risky but why not! Our plan was to get our Visa the day before we got on the airplane. I already had filled out the application online, we just needed to show up, pay, and pick up the Visa.

We woke up early and were the 2nd family in line at the Colombian Embassy. When it was our turn to pay we sadly found out that our application had expired. We had heard that this place was not very helpful because of how busy they are. So, immediately we called our case worker so she could forward some documents and get a new application filled out. However, while I was on the phone with her things changed. The wonderful women at the counter decided she was going to fill out our application and take our picture for us. Then, we tried to pay the fee with our money order and they had raised the price. This was a big deal because you can’t pay with cash….just a money order. However, again this precious women said she would take cash. This was truly God standing right there with us making sure this plan He had, was right on track!

When we left, I was overwhelmed with this feeling….it was finally that feeling…we were ready to get our girls! It reminded me of a doctor’s appointment but instead of leaving with devastating results we were overjoyed! Adoption is not like being pregnant. The emotions are different and the bonding starts at different times. Although some things are very different from a pregnancy…… we are becoming parents!


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