Family of 5….Enceuntro day

Here is a little recap of the day we met our girls!

As you can imagine we woke up incredibly nervous and full of anticipation to meet our girls! We started the morning with a relaxing breakfast at what would become our favorite spot for coffee, Pan Pa Ya! Then, we found some beautiful flowers to give the girls when we met them. Because girls love to be given flowers ….right! Then we were ready to head to the orphanage with our bag of tricks and clothes for them to wear. Our agency gave us great ideas on what we should have with us to make the visit go smoothly. We had Skyped with the girls three times before this day, so they had seen our faces and interacted with us.

When we arrived, the staff took the clothes we brought and got the girls ready to meet us. They entered the room with smiles but very cautious. As we have told many people before, this day was exciting but it also came with deep sadness. I can’t imagine what was going through their little minds.

As they were standing inside the doorway we handed the girls their flowers and hugged them. We invited them over to a circle table to start making connections with them. This was easy since we  had:


My husband speaking Spanish helped them feel so comfortable. He played with the oldest and I colored with the youngest. They LOVED the cookies and put stickers on all of the papers! After about 30 min. we asked if they were ready to go and the oldest grabbed my husbands hand and was ready to leave. This was truly a blessing! We had read and been told about a variety of responses children have when leaving their home. We were ready for anything but were overjoyed when the departure was so natural.


After we left, not very long into our trip the littlest leaned over and fell asleep on me. This momma was loving every minute of it! Our first stop as a family was the mall. Yes, I said the mall. You see, this trip was filled with appointments and one of the things we had to get was a family photo. Our driver took us to the place she recommended and went in with us to help get the exact photos we needed. We were surprised to find out we would be taking our first family photo inside of a photo booth. Instead of a normal photo booth with an automated camera a man stuck his head through a curtain and snapped our picture.

After one more stop for documents,  we were ready to go home. We enjoyed dinner at home and had fun talking with the girls. The entertainment at the dinner table was the ice in the glasses. We had filled the glasses with ice like we normally do for guests however, we didn’t know that this was a new concept to them. They giggled and made crazy faces all evening with the ice.

After our first dinner together, we got out the stickers and this kept us busy until bedtime! As you can see there were stickers EVERYWHERE!!!

We started our bedtime routine and our oldest was excited to read the Bible. We were all exhausted and slept great! We had originally planned on staying up after the girls went to bed so we could discuss our game plan, however we just fell asleep instead.

The day was a whirlwind but simply beautiful.


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