Flashback Friday…..Colombia, here we come

A year ago, we were on our way to Colombia to meet our daughters. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. We felt great about how well our agency prepared us for the trip and  we knew they were just a call away if we needed them in country. When I say they prepared us, I am not kidding!! I plan to give you a daily blog about our adventures in Colombia and you will see how our agency was almost like a family to us!



While on the plane we enjoyed our last day together before becoming a family of 5. It was one of those moments that you laugh, cry, cling to your seat (oh…that was just me), sit in silence, sip on your coffee (which was ordered in Spanish thanks to my awesome hubby), watch the GPS of the plane and fall asleep from pure exhaustion.

Like I said before, our agency prepared us for every step of this journey. So, we knew exactly what to expect when we landed.  A plan is always great if everyone sticks to the plan. Our pilot didn’t get the memo about our plan and dropped us off to catch a bus into the airport. Although, that was a little strange,  we just went with it.  We knew that flexibility had to be part of the journey or we would be stressed every day. So off we went on a bus with people who did not speak our language! We arrived in the airport and found our driver. I have to admit it was fun having someone waiting there for you with your name on a sign. She was precious and we learned later that she was one of the most important people we would spend time with.

As we road towards our apartment, we were able to see our first view of Bogota. It was amazing! I love when you arrive in a new place and are captivated by everything around you! We entered our apartment ( which we joked that the girls would be disappointed when they saw our home because the apartment was so NICE!) and like I said before, our driver was not only our driver. She walked us up, translated for us, and made sure we had everything we needed before leaving us that night. After she left we just sat in awe of the beautiful apartment that we would bring our girls home to the next day.


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