It’s Me Monday…..not a gardener

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It’s me again! Let me remind you that this is just so you will get to know me ….for real! No house and life is always perfect life…I promise! So, here we go! Let us start with something that I would love some help with.

imageThis is my “garden” in my backyard. Yes, I know….it’s sad! The only thing here that has been successful is the basal. So, I’m trying to remind myself that I have used this in my cooking. That is a good thing!! However, get a good look at the other sad plants. That green tomato has been on there for waaaay too long ! I’m really not sure what I’m doing to keep these plants so UNhealthy. It might be over-watering…I get a little impatient and forget about these guys sometimes. But I really would love to have a garden that is useful when I cook. How awesome would  that be!!! Just not sure it’s my gift.

imageThis table is to show you that we craft at our house…..and it’s NOT clean! If you do any kind of crafts, you know that there is always LOTS of materials! Well, this is in our office which is the 1st room you see when you walk into our house. So, I have had to embrace that it’s going to always look a little “used” and that is just our style! I have to say that is one of the things I love about my husband…..he is VERY creative….and crafty!!! Truly Awesome!!! So, the mess is totally worth it!

imageSee!!!!! I told you my hubby is crafty! After you get to know me better, you will see  that I have lots of ideas! However, executing these is a little more challenging for me. This is where my husband comes in. I give him an idea and he creates! This is how this bracelet came about! I LOVE it!!!

Totally guilty of overloading my husband with ideas. He is very sweet about it and NEVER complains.

Let’s wrap this up……..

Ok, so basically I’m not a gardener but love crafts….especially when my husband helps me!! We work great together!


It’s Me Monday

Well, this post is just to put it out there that you don’t have to live a “pinterest” life.  I mean there is nothing wrong with the great ideas on pinterest! They can be very helpful. But the majority of things I see are of beautiful pictures of homes, clean perfect children, amazing crafts, and anything else that people are proud of. And don’t get me wrong..that is what I love sharing about too! However, I have areas in my life that just aren’t perfected and I should be ok with that. We are all a work in progress. And my children will get to see these sides of me when they arrive. So…..If this blog is to share my story and to be an encouragment to others, then I feel that I should be real and show all sides of me. I really like to have things look nice and put together….so, this is hard for me to say, “hey, look what I’m not good at!” But hey…here it goes! I’m calling it~

itsmemonday copy

So what I hope will happen is that ever Monday I can share with you all about myself. I have been noticing on my blog that there isn’t much here to really get to know me. I love speaking about what’s on my heart regarding adoption but there is more to me! So, here it goes………


Ok, first I’ll start out with this attractive flower dirt bed. Yes, it has looked like that all summer…for real! I have great plans for it, but that takes time and money. And if we are being honest…it intimidates me!


Secondly, I’m sorry you have to see this picture. I have talked to some friends about this next problem and nobody believes me. I can’t make mashed potatoes 😦 I mean you can eat them and not get sick, but you probably won’t enjoy them.  Praying this won’t be my kids favorite meal.

So, there you go! It’s ok to be real..we are naturally messy people….we’re human!