¡Hola! Estoy aprendiendo español.

One of my biggest concerns about adopting from Colombia, is the language. I am very confident in teaching children English. That is my job, but I am not…repeat…not proficient in Spanish. To me this is a big deal.

My daughter is in Spanish 3 in High School. She has kept all of her note cards from each class. I love that girl! She was excited to help me out. She went through them and picked out all of the words that would be important to learn first. And I have taken the initiative to learn some each day. While I get ready in the morning I try to pick a couple of words and use them all day.
It is working but it just seems to slow! Notice the missing cards…yes, there are only 5 gone. I have only learned 5 words: head, shirt, shoes, passport, and arm.  I need more conversations going on. I have serveral friends that speak fluently so, my plan is to have an evening each week that we eat and only speak Spanish…..we’ll see how that goes. I may be overwhelmed!

Our Anniversary was just last week, and my parents came down for dinner.  They also brought a gift when I opened it, I was super excited!!!! Seriously the best gift ever!!!!!

I mean a gift that will help me speak and listen to my children…..could it get better!!!! Gotta love my mom! So, as we speak we are trying to set that up on the computer.

Some people don’t really understand how important this is to me. I know that my children will learn English and I will be able to talk with them eventually, but I want more! When we meet I want to listen to their needs, wants, and stories. I want to hear about their past and be able to comfort them. I want to have fun with them and play games with them. I don’t want to miss anything because we speak different languages. I will put the effort into learning this language for my kids. I might not be an expert but it will be better than if I met them today!!! My husband can tell you….I have a LONG way to go.

I am thankful that my husband is further along in the process than me. In his old school the majority of the students spoke Spanish. So, he is so helpful to me! He lets me know when I’m messing up the phrases, which is most of the time. I know that our kids will definitly be able to speak to their Papi and Hermana. I am very thankful for that!!!