Feed My Starving Children

I really enjoy when my friends can get together and serve. Each year the Feed My Starving Children’s organization comes to town and we are always quick to sign up! I love working with each other as a team! While having a good time you are also helping children all over the world! If you have not heard of this organization, please check them out! Click HERE if your curious about how you can help. They could use your support in a variety of ways!

Our church group always does this on a Saturday morning. So we are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! The organization is very well prepared in instructing us on how to most effectively pack the meals for the children. They have videos letting your know where the food is going and how the process works. The difference the food makes for these children is mind-blowing! I have seen these videos before but this year I almost let my emotions get the best of me. I just couldn’t help but think that the children we are waiting to adopt might need food like what we were going to pack. Yes, I had to fight back the tears.

One of the parts that I look forward to every year is seeing everyone in a hair net. This by far is the funniest part! There are very few that can wear one of these and still look amazing! The place that the packing is done, is very clean! (No jewelry, hair nets, and lots of cleaning hands)

We are so blessed to have a great groups of friends who love serving others!

This picture taken by our Community pastor just makes me smile!


After the packing each person can try eating the food that we had been packaging. I have to say, it is delicious! It is probably healthier food than I normally eat considering I don’t like veggies.  There is also a gift shop that is open. The items made are to support the ministry. There are also items that are made in other countries. So, there are so many ways to support these children and families! I just LOVE it! So, of course we had to support in some way.

We got matching shirts!




Foster Care Shower

Our church has a ministry that helps encourage women who have infertility issues or miscarrages. This group has been amazing for me…..you just don’t feel so alone in the process.
I know that the women in this group miss out emotionally because they aren’t going through the “pregnacy” steps that many others experience. One thing that they miss out on is being showered with blessings from their friends….aka baby shower.
I have gotten to know the leader better and better and was thrilled when she decided to start doing foster care with a private agency!
So, very last minute God woke me up told me that this new foster mom should have the same experiences she would get if the child were growing inside her.
So, I know many of you reading this know people involved in foster care…think about their needs/emotions.

So, we set up a party to shower her with blessings! There were lots of gift cards and some very creative things that she could use all the way up to 6yrs old. My favorite was the zoo membership!! Anyway, I just wanted to post so that you might think about someone in your world that wants so bad to experience all those mommy moments or just needs a helping hand!


This banner was all different sized clothes…because you never know what your going to get!

Blessed By Ministry

I believe that you should use your life experiences (bad or good) to help others. When you can identify with others, it makes all the difference. Well, to make a long story short, God was leading me to help at a local ministry.

Click here to see what this ministry is doing for kids!


Sadly, I didn’t jump at this opportunity because I was not comfortable with why he was leading me to do this. (that is another story for another day) However, I am not a girl that ignores God forever…just for a little bit….or a long bit. So, after saying yes to God we were led down a time of excitement and deep sadness. I can tell you though, it has been amazing!! I have met wonderful people and been able to make good relationships with people who don’t have so many friends. God always wants us to step out of our comfort zone…it is hard …but well worth it! Through this journey we have one family that is now a part of our hearts forever! They don’t live with us but I would do anything for them. We got to see them a few weeks ago and will again next week! I am so blessed that I have these sweethearts in my life!IMG_0309

The Baptist Children’s Home is a great place! They have cottages for boys, girls, and teen moms! I love that they are teaching these kids the skills that they need to be successful when they are on their own. Just last week two of the teen moms went out-of-town for a conference. So, that meant we got to watch both kids. 2 kids under 2!!! So exciting!! This was good for our family! It made us start thinking about how things change when you have little ones around all the time. After they left, my hubby and I had a talk about if we are still are up for 3 little blessings. And his answer brought tears to my eyes. Yes, we are up for it and anything we have to give up to make that happen, we are willing to do . God has called us to care for the orphans…we are excited about the adventure God has for us. In the meantime we will keep watching kids for teens that need a break. I am blessed that God put me in this situation to be a friend to these girls and their babies.

Be The Change


I want to introduce a family that has been blogging about their adoption process! Go on over to their blog and enjoy reading about the journey. They are adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you feel like you should be changing the world one orphan at a time, however you aren’t called to adopt….then this is perfect for you! Just buy a shirt….or two!

Watch this video they have made for you!

Click HERE to buy a shirt and start praying for their journey!

Wearing an adoption shirt is more than just looking good and giving money towards adoption.

When you wear it:

1. It reminds you to pray for orphans.

2. It is a conversation starter. Start spreading the news about how easy it is to help with adoptions. (Be the Change)

3. You have blessed a family. Did you know that you will also be blessed!

4. Who knows….you might sparks someone’s interest to start the adoption process!

Thank you friends for helping other families take their next step in the adoption process! You will be blessed!

(hand)made for Glory

Everyone can care for orphans in a different way. God calls us to  do this! Maybe not have a child come live in your house but how about help get them to a loving house?? I firmly believe that if the Church rises up and cares for the children ….our World would change! Anyways…. I have found this precious family that has an amazing story of how waiting can bring the best things! I would like to share their story and would ask you to pray for their journey financially and emotionally! The link here will take you to their story and fundraiser. The fundraiser is an auction of hand-made things. Even if you can’t buy something…they need your prayers! When you say yes to adoption, Satan is not happy! Cover them in your prayers!! It melts my heart to see families trying so hard and sacrificing so much to help a precious child! God is good and will provide a way for this little girl to make it home!