Laundry Soap From Scratch

I have been thinking about how I can spend less money. I know we all go through phases of this¬† or try monthly to reassess our spending. We started in the very beginning with¬† a budget and it has been amazing! Now, let’s be honest……this is hard…not fun….and we aren’t perfect at it. But you just need a plan and be sure to help each other stay accountable. The key is accountability and encouraging each other….NOT nagging or condemning your husband/wife.

When we first started talking about adoption we had to not let the money hold us back. We had to believe that God would take care of that part. We would love for the thousands of dollars to just show up in our account however; we know that realistically we have to be creative. So, through people randomly blessing us, fundraisers, extra side jobs, budget cuts, and a new business we have been blessed with, we will be able to provide for our adoption expenses. God sometimes hands you blessings and sometimes He hands you opportunities to make money….so run with it !

One idea I had to help cut trips to the store and save money was making my own laundry soap. If we are going to have a house full of kids, laundry soap will be a big part of our life. So, when I heard a friend talking about how she loved her hand-made soap, I was intrigued! Here is my soap and if you click on the link…you will see where we got the instructions. SUPER EASY!!!


~all you need


grate the soap 1st


blend the soap into little bits


Store in your container…..and of course make it cute!

You can find this recipe on Happy Money Saver. You only need to use 1 Tablespoon. Enjoy!