Why a Sibling Group

Everyone has a different journey they follow and thank goodness because I have a few things I just don’t think I could do. I was thinking about this the other day and it reminded me of what people usually say when they find out I’m an Elementary School Teacher. Everyone always says, “I could never do your job!” I think that is funny because I have the best job ever! However, I completely know how they feel. I have those same feelings about anyone in the medical profession. That is just not my specialty.

So, my point is that we are all called to do different things and have different gifts. That even applies to your families. Families today have foster kids, adoptive kids, biological kids, step kids, and kinship kids. I love this because you are able to plug right into what fits you. When you are doing what you are good at, you are so much happier! And sometimes God gives you blessings that you had no idea you would fall in love with! Be open to saying YES to God. It will be amazing!

Well, we are definitely going to have a very unique family and we are very excited! We have a daughter who is 18 and a granddaughter who is 8 months. Currently, we are in the process of adopting a sibling group. So, we will have a fun-filled house!

Many people always ask, “Why a sibling group?” So, here is why:


1. That is the journey that we have been called to follow. We are teachers of 20-30 kids in a class, I think 3-4 would be right up our alley! Don’t get me wrong…..I know it will be CRAZY!

2. You get all your children in one swoop! YEA!!! There will never be a dull moment !

3. When I see a big family…..it makes me smile from ear to ear!

4. Sibling groups are usually hard to find homes for.

5. Rhees has had a very clear dream that we would be adopting a group of kids.

6. And we are very passionate to have our children live with their brothers/sisters. This to me is the most important reason to adopt a sibling group. They have a bond that will never be broken and I want them to feel safe here. We will do our best to make them feel loved and cared for. However; when they are flying into another country to go live with new people, they will have their siblings to provide that sense of familiarity. They will be able to share memories, language (Spanish), and color of their skin with their siblings….making them feel more at home. We know that in the beginning it will be hard and I believe that the comfort that these children will provide for each other will be so important.

Again….everyone has their own path….please understand that you have your own. We are not saying that this is the “right or only ” way to grow your family.

We are all called to love people….

you get to pick how you are going to do that.

Let your adventure begin!