Path towards Adoption


11/3/12- Sent in information packet and initial fee
11/9/12- Was recommended for International adoption
11/10/12- Decided to adopt from Colombia
11/15/12- Informed Gladney that we were ready to start the process
11/20/12- Phone Orientation
11/21/12- Filled out the request for International Adoption Application and paid the fee
12/11/12- Our Anniversary—And we mailed: Application, Statement of International Adoption Risks, Acceptance of Adoption Risks, General Agreement (notarized), Adoption Blog Guidelines Agreement, Domestic Violence Statement, Financial Agreement, $2,000 for Home-study, Birth Certificates for all household members, Divorce Certificates, Marriage License, Intake and Gladney Approval, Child Preference Profile, Directions to our home, Driver’s Licenses for all household members, Copy of Passport (Rhees…mine is in process to change my name), Copy of Insurance cards, Media Release, Previous copy of home-study, Older child questionnaire, 5 references, 8-10 photos of our family and home, Employment Verification, Criminal Clearance and Child Abuse Clearance reports, and other paperwork because we live in OK.
12/21/12- All 3 Dr. visits done! And certified birth certificates.


1/4/13- Mailed off Dr. visits, vaccinations, and the first part of the program fee.
1/19/13- Garage Sale
2-4,2-5/13Home-study                                                                                                               3-21,3-22/13-Pathways Training


3/20/14-OSBI update mailed
5/23/14-Sent updated paperwork: Dr. checkup, reference letters, daughter’s child abuse form, and paid the home study update fee
9/23/14-Final Approval from our agency!!!!!!!!!

9/24/14-While waiting on immigration approval we are working on our Dossier
10/17/14-Biometrics completed for immigration
11/9/14-Immigration approval
11/20/14-Our documents were apostilled and mailed to the agency for our Dossier


02/27/15- FBI prints were apostilled and sent to our agency. Then they were sent to complete our Dossier in Colombia

03/19/15-Sent the application to a private orphanage in Colombia….will be waiting for approval in the next two weeks

04/30/15- Orphanage denial

05/28/15- Orphanage approval

06/17/15- Referral for 2 girls!!!!!

07/13/15- I800 sent off

07/22/15- Found out our girls have the chicken pox and when they are healed…we get to Skype!!!!

07/27/15-Sent a package to our girls….video, photo book, and dolls

08/01/15-I800 approval!!!

08/13-14/15- Girls were told they have a forever family and were given our package we sent.

08/21/15- SKYPE session with the girls for an hour!!

08/28/15- SKYPE session with the girls!

09/04/15-last SKYPE with the girls! (surprise visit from our friends…prayer circle)

09/06/15- flew to Houston to obtain our visas

09/08/15- obtained our visas



09/09/15- flew to Bogota and arrived in the evening

09/10/15- Met our girls for the first time and took them “home.” On the way home we had a family photo made and had a doctor came  to visit our home.

09/11/15- We went to immigration to get our Colombian citizenship and legal letter that allowed one of us to leave the country.

09/12/15- lice treatment and enjoyed the park/relaxing time

09/13/15- family time in the apartment and mall

(shoe shopping due to hurting feet:)

09/14/15- visit to orphanage for integration and traveled to La Mesa

09/15/15- relaxed and went swimming

09/16/15- visited a small town and had ice cream

09/17/15- had birth certificates and ID made- also signed some documents for court

09/18/15- Finalized the adoption with the judge!

09/19/15- Went to a Multiparque close to Bogota.

09/20/15- Visited the Planetarium.

09/21/15- Had doctor visits for each child and immunizations.

09/22/15- Final lice check!……no cars were allowed to drive…ONLY taxi’s

09/23/15- ICBF paperwork and results from the TB test

09/24/15- Last visit to the orphanage. Toured Monsorate

09/25/15- Had an appointment at the Embassy and came back at 2 to receive our visas…….got on a midnight flight and flew home!

09/26/15- Arrived back in our state and had an amazing group of people waiting for us!


3 thoughts on “Path towards Adoption

  1. I am so excited for this journey and look forward to see what God has in store for your, and our, family! Can’t wait to meet our new neices and/or nephews!

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