Take time for grants


As we all know….adoption is expensive! I have seen a lot of negative comments and questions regarding this topic. I totally get it, however there is so much more that goes into adoption than most people realize. It is not a huge $40,000 fee that goes to the agency or orphanage. The grand total amount comes from fees from many different places.

*doctor visits *applications *passports *papers from the courthouse *travel *physiologist visit *in country documents *birth mother expenses *trainings/education *background checks *and I could go on and on and on and on

So just like your trips to the grocery store…the more you keep piling in your basket….the bigger your total cost is. Yes, I would agree that there may be a few hoops to jump through, however I am a huge advocate of making sure people are ready to adopt. Some of the things on the adoption checklist like doctor visits and background checks  are ways to  help ensure you are ready to take care of children who have been through trauma.

Please don’t let money be the reason you say no to adoption. God really takes care of that part. I could write for days about that! One thing that I encourage anyone who is adopting to do is take a few days to write grants….yes I said a few days! There are so many out there and it is a big process. But if you organize it right and do it all at the same time…it is totally worth a try. These are out there to help you! We were so blessed and beyond excited to receive TWO grants! I know that sometimes you are overwhelmed with all of the paperwork with the adoption, but with some of the grants you can use paperwork you already have.

TIP #1: I did notice that many of the grants are geared toward the end of your process. Many of them wanted to know if you had the referral or see pictures. So, my recommendation would be to start later in your process. We did not have our referral when we received the grants but we were almost done with our dossier.

TIP#2: Also, almost all grants want you to be done with your home study. I think this shows how serious you are. I can imagine some people start this process and then find out it is not for them.

This is a big process because adopting is a big deal! It is also a big blessing!

Some of my friends know that adopting is not right for their family, however they know the need to help the orphans in the world, so they just bless their friends with money, prayers, clothes, toys, and the most important……encouragement! I am so thankful for the specific things God lays on our hearts. I love that we all have different dreams and we can unite to help each other reach them.


You should totally check out Show Hope ! We found many events, resources, ideas, and encouragement from their website!



Let’s get this paperwork started

In the adoption world there is lots of updating! We have sent in several documents that have expired and had only one thing left to update. That was our pictures of our home and family. This should have been a very easy task and an exciting time. This would allow us to move forward and get things accomplished. However, I just couldn’t get myself to take those pictures. Day after day it was something on my list to do that did NOT get done. I prayed about this and felt a very different feeling this time. Before I was very efficient and had the drive to get things done very quickly. This time I don’t have an urgency to get this done. I believe that God gives you moments of peace just to enjoy life. While resting you learn so much and are restored to where you need to be. I believe that timing is in God’s hands and if I push too much, I will ignore the great plan He has for our family. Through this journey I have really accepted to enjoy the blessings I have right in front of me and not to be consumed with what I want. What I want is a beautiful family that loves the Lord God Almighty. I have that right in front of me. And when God brings more kids to our house….they will also be part of our wonderful life. I can’t wait, but I’m not putting my family on hold until they get here. I have to live my life to the fullest and expect Him to bless us with an exciting journey. Who knows what he has in store for us!

During that resting time I feel like God has been preparing me for what is to come. And let me be honest. I am a little scared. I know that fear is not a feeling I should let in however, God is asking me to do some things that are just a little uncomfortable. But ultimately, I know that if God is asking…..and I say yes…..it will be amazing!

So, after that time of resting, I am back to the feeling that I need to get going on the paperwork. I have taken those pictures and they are in the mail as we speak. I am at my kitchen table with lots of papers, binders, and a beautiful sun shiny day! This paperwork will be interesting! It is the 1800A. You use this form to initiate the immigration process if you intend to adopt a child who resides in a Hague country. There are directions for the directions…ha! Then an application, checklist, and supplement 1,2, and 3!    Just 16 pages….. Let’s get started!

Here we go again!