(hand)made for Glory

Everyone can care for orphans in a different way. God calls us to¬† do this! Maybe not have a child come live in your house but how about help get them to a loving house?? I firmly believe that if the Church rises up and cares for the children ….our World would change! Anyways…. I have found this precious family that has an amazing story of how waiting can bring the best things! I would like to share their story and would ask you to pray for their journey financially and emotionally! The link here will take you to their story and fundraiser. The fundraiser is an auction of hand-made things. Even if you can’t buy something…they need your prayers! When you say yes to adoption, Satan is not happy! Cover them in your prayers!! It melts my heart to see families trying so hard and sacrificing so much to help a precious child! God is good and will provide a way for this little girl to make it home!