Unique Surprise Party

Through life you have all different kinds of friends that fall into your life. Sometimes they are just there for a moment  and then you have life long friends that know your deepest feelings. I am truly blessed by the people that surround me. When I think about the details, it is just overwhelming. I just pray that I can bless people the way they bless me. One thing that God has been showing me these past years is :


~I have always been a person that really didn’t want to accept gifts.

*I felt guilty that they were spending money on me.

*I would always feel like I needed to pay them back or convey how thankful I was.

*I would put myself down because I couldn’t do things alone. (this one is just sad…you CAN NOT do life alone)

Then God started to show me that I was missing out big time! When people bless people there is so much more that goes on than you getting a gift. We pray all the time for provision and yet when someone walks up and hands you God’s provision, we say, “No, you don’t have to do that.” instead of saying, “Thank you, Lord!” I would allow my pride to get in the way of God’s wonderful plan. Also, there is more to God providing for you. Blessings are contagious! When you receive with a joyful heart, it just makes you want to go out and bless others. And the person who blessed you, yes…just wait…they have a blessing coming (and mostly likely it’s not from you as a “pay back”)

This is so BIG! I wish I would have understood this early but hey better late than never!

So, to finish my story I want to tell you about how our co-workers knew our heart and blessed the socks off of us. It truly could not have been more perfect!

💗 Late one night we had literally just hung up on Skype with our daughters. It was one of those hectic nights that dinner was not made and we had so much to do. Our oldest daughter had mentioned that we should just get pizza. That was the best idea ever! She said, lets just go get it. Well, that was a little odd because we usually called in the order before we left to go get it. However, she said, “just get out here.” At that moment I knew that something was going on. We went outside and nobody was there. I was looking around and then I saw it!  Coming down our street was a huge group of people walking towards our house singing Jesus Loves the Little Children. Well, you guessed it….I lost it. Seriously, the best surprise ever! They came up and hugged us and each one of them had the perfect words for our heart. They were encouraging, funny, thoughtful, and some just had great travel advice.

prayer circle

Then these sweet people know our family so well……we circled around our front yard (our girls new home ) and prayed over this journey that we were getting ready to begin. This post will not even convey how much this meant to our hearts. Seriously…I cried that night, I cry when I think of this, and yes…I’m crying right now. After most of the tears had happened …they blessed us with gifts and a huge ring of note cards with encouraging words we could read for our journey. This night was still, quiet yet full of life, and the perfect blessing during a crazy busy week. They each hugged and cried with us and then went on their way……and we said…..THANK YOU!

I won’t be able to pay each person back or write thank you cards. I won’t be able to explain what each person means to me or tell them why their gift was perfect. However, I have learned that is not my job. I can say thank you and God will take care of the master plan and they will be beyond blessed for their generosity that night!

You know I said at the beginning of this post that saying thank you was so important and God would take care of the rest…well, here is just one more story that will prove to you that blessing others will come back around and change your life. This picture melts my heart that these children witnessed this example of friends being there for each other. They will remember this night and will be changed by the example their parents set for them.

kids prayer

One of the older boys shared his thoughts about this night with his mom and it left both of us speechless! It is proof that this journey we are on is NOT about us.

~They hopped in the car and this conversation started:

“Last night after leaving your house our 14 year old said to us, “I can’t believe they are going all the way to Colombia to get some girls. They are saving these kids’ lives.” After a few minutes he asked if I thought he could come back and meet them when they get here. I told him that I’m sure at some point he would meet them. I asked him why and his response was, ‘I just know that God is making this happen. I really feel like I need to meet them in order to be a part of this and to make this experience full circle for myself. This might be the best thing I’ve been a part of.'”
Speechless…there is nothing more to say…God has great plans for you, friend!

We are so excited to share this journey with you! We definitely are keeping a watchful eye to bless people and pay it forward.




Today was a very special day. Mother’s Day is filled with so many emotions. It is a day to celebrate Mother’s but there are so many women who are grieving and this day is just a reminder of so many things they are healing from.

I am truly blessed to have such strong examples of Mom’s, a daughter that made me a mom, and time to watch my daughter blossom into a  mom. I have healed through some very negative feelings of jealousy and bitterness and I am so joyful to truly celebrate this day with so many inspirational people.

And you friends who are following our journey and praying for us are part of that inspirational group. So, since this blog is to keep up with our adoption and be a constant reminder of how God is providing and giving us strength, joy, and peace through this journey. So, I figured it was time for a little update on what we need from you.

Things were moving so nicely and we were expecting some amazing news that would lead us into the matching process. Then we were suddenly surprised to hear news that would slow us down and potentially stop our adoption. We took the news and of course…you guessed it….I cried. However, we decided that God had worked so hard to show up through this process. We were not done trusting in His plan and resting in His peace. There were many people who continued to show up in ways that I can never thank them enough for. I feel surrounded with people who have been praying and our family feels peace….in a time that we could be mad…devastated….brokenhearted…..we feel there is hope and peace. I can’t explain it except for… if God is living in you, you have the strength, hope, joy, and comfort of the Savior that died for you.

So, through these times I love little encouraging reminders that there is a plan and we should never just give up….so….today my beautiful daughter gets me this perfect necklace. Seriously Perfect!

Be Brave And Keep Going

necklaceSo, this is where you come in …..Unity is important when you are believing in something HUGE! We want to join together and Unite our prayers in agreement that tomorrow morning……

*God’s plan will prevail

*God’s words will be spoken

*God’s words will be heard

*The truth will be recognized

*Clarity will be revealed in our letters

*Hearts will be changed

*Timing will be perfect

*Blessings will come to those working so hard for our kids

Thank you for joining together in agreement through prayer! This is a life-changing journey and we can’t say thank you enough for taking the steps with us!


Dossier Completed

Just a little update and prayer request:

We are excited to say that our paperwork (Dossier) is in Colombia!!!!! This is so exciting. The paperwork has been translated into Spanish and is ready to go. We had a great discussion with our case worker about the next steps. We are so blessed to work with such compassionate and knowledgeable people. They are definitely in this business for the right reasons!  After our conversation regarding our options we are excited to say that next week our file will be going to an orphanage. So, here is where you can help pray specifically!

*That we will be approved through the orphanage and they will start looking to match us with the children God has prepared us for.

*Also, financially …..that the rest of the expenses would be covered!

Thank you so much for joining us in this path that God is leading us down. We feel and see the blessings all around. It is so encouraging to have support from you! This process can be very long and discouraging but we know that this is right where we are supposed to be.


Goodbye Summer…Hello to a year full of blessings

Well, tonight is my last night of Summer break. As I look back, I am very pleased with the time off. Tons of …..

pool parties, friends, food, church, finished our HOME STUDY, filled out our immigration paperwork, vacation with the hubs, reading great books, blogging, enjoying every minute I got to babysit, organized some things around the house, stayed up late, got up early (thank you internal clock), studied the Bible, vacation with my parents and brother’s family, late night coffee dates, watched my daughter study everyday for her first college classes,practiced Spanish, saw friends who I don’t usually see,  took a picture everyday to document my summer (which is pretty good for me…I usually quit that kind of stuff by day 10) And last but not least…..I just enjoyed the little things in life.

There were times that we were a little stressed and as usual we didn’t get everything done I had planned. I even started to get frustrated about that. I sometimes put such high expectations on myself that I only set myself up for disappointment. We had a wonderful break from work and those little projects will still be here at another time. And as usual Jesus backed me up on this today. I love how he speaks at just the right time. Here is what I read today after feeling a little defeated.

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God ’s Decree. “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel: “They’ll rebuild their ruined cities. They’ll plant vineyards and drink good wine. They’ll work their gardens and eat fresh vegetables. And I’ll plant them, plant them on their own land. They’ll never again be uprooted from the land I’ve given them.” God , your God, says so.

Amos 9:13

Amen….this is going to be an amazing year!!!!

Here is a small glimpse into our summer….check out how I documented our summer daily on facebook.~Rebekah Lane


My Very Creative Husband

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Sit Back and Relax


We can all identify with waiting. It happens all through life. When you are in the middle of it, it seems like forever! For instance, I am the best at picking out the longest check out line at the grocery store. I’m usually in a hurry and that is when the person in front of me needs a price check, forgets money, card is denied, coupons won’t work, or it’s the cashiers 1st day! All of these things happen and it’s normal. However, when you are watching, focusing on your plans for the day and can’t do anything about it…it just seems to happen in slow motion. Well, that is a silly little example that has happened to most of us. However, it can also be related to bigger things that we are waiting on.


So many times in life we try to control circumstances or timing. However, if we just give it over to God we can sit back and relax. I would love to watch life happen and not worry about the outcome because God has the perfect plan. Yes, I know that requires us to get up and say yes to God. If we were  able to do these things without frustration or worry about running out of time or determining if we are on the path God wants for us, that would make things much more enjoyable! So, why is it so hard to give over control to God….live in faith…..have full trust that His plan is the best?

*Well, that is what I’m working on. I’m really trying to turn my focus on what the scripture says not what my time-table says. Scripture talks about our future, who we were created to be, and great tips on decision-making. This is not an easy thing but it is life changing!

I really notice that keeping a journal or blogging is important for me in order to focus on God’s blessings and promises. When I feel discouraged, I just have to pick up a journal or read old posts to remember that there are specific things God has done for us. I encourage everyone to keep some kind of record of your blessings. It is totally worth it!

This blog is a reminder of the things God has put in our path to show us He is right there  with us. Blessings are all around.

God’s visual reminders

I would like to share with you some really important people who God has put in my life. They are people who I can look at and see God’s mighty hand at work in. When I am struggling or feel defeated I can see these people and they always bring back the joy! I am so thankful God does this for us. He does this in so many ways. That is why for me blogging is so helpful. When you record your blessings it is so easy to see God at work in your life. But if I don’t keep track of these wonderful things in life, I sometimes lose track of the reminders God has for me. We have seen this so many times in the adoption process. I will get discouraged and then be reminded that we needed a certain amount of money for a fee and it was provided to us in the exact amount needed. So, basically what I’m saying is keep track of your blessings!
My prayer is always to increase our family and bring children hope for their future.

Here we go…Blessing #1
12 experiences with carrying a creation of God inside me. This is truly the most amazing ability God allows women to experience. One of those beautiful babies is now 18 and I smile every time I see what an amazing women she is becoming. Thank you God, for allowing me the chance to raise your beautiful creation. She has a good foundation,  high goals and a hope for her future!HPIM6445My other sweet babies bring joy to me when I think about how they never had to experience the struggles of Earth. Yes, I would have loved to see their sweet smiles but they only know the perfect place called Heaven. It just makes me smile when I think that my children are hanging out with God being taken care of perfectly. What a blessing to be reminded that my prayer was to increase our family and He has been so faithful.

Well, this next little guy was an answer to prayer that we didn’t even know we needed. He is not born genetically into our family but he is part of our family. Wow…he changed our life forever! He lived with us for 4 months and we attempted to adopt him. But God knew that reuniting with his mom was the perfect plan. When I think that we are not stepping in the right direction to give hope for the future, I look at this little boy. He is the reason we began the journey to reach out to children and bring hope for their future. Adoption started to churn in our hearts. We were able to build a relationship with him and his mom. This by far has been the most wonderful experience ever! We love them so much. So, thank you God for this reminder in this sweet boys smile that you are increasing our family and bringing hope for the future.

Love this boy!!!!


This next blessing I had no idea would change my life forever! She is my precious granddaughter. When I hold her and watch her grow and smile, I just can’t help but thank God for another blessing and reminder. Her sweet presence is the reminder that our family is increasing and we have yet again another chance to spread hope for her future. I just can’t get enough of her sweet baby cheeks!


My niece is the next person I want to share about how she visually reminds me everyday that God is right there with me everyday. She is my brothers first-born and such a special little girl. This little girl would have been a couple of weeks younger than one of our sweet boys that is now in Heaven. I thank God that he gave us a visual reminder of what stages our son would have been doing if we were here today. When she smiles and giggles it just brings so much joy! I know our son is doing the same things with the King of Kings! Pretty cool..huh! So, again…thank you Lord for the reminder that you are bringing hope for the future…this little girl has big plans for her future! Praise the Lord!


Sometimes God just puts people in your path just for a season. Well, that’s how I met this next precious angel. God put a women in my path that was walking down the same path I was. We were trying to find answers about infertility. God knew we could encourage each other with scripture. This was truly a blessing to have when you are in a time of searching. So, this little baby was born to a wonderful family that is truly an inspiration. I pray for this little girl daily. And again, I thank God for this reminder that God is the creator and provider. He is the hope for the future.

1530468_633871321004_737388601_nBig families just make me smile! I am so blessed to have all of these children to call part of my family! Sometimes  we are focusing so much on God’s big plan that we  just lose sight of what is what is right in front of us.