My family is very blessed to have found a church that fits us so well! We are part of a church that just loves people! Isn’t that what church is about! Well, I just wanted to share some of the notes that I took awhile back that were very motivating! I hope they are for you too!

The message was:  How You Accept Change

It really made me stop and think about the changes that we are going through and will go through in the future. He took us to Daniel 12:4 when there was a prophetic word for the future. ( I apologize now…these are some of my notes from church…sometimes it might not be real clear about how the scripture relates…if confused by what I say…report back to the Bible…that will be much more accurate)

So, we know 2 things from this scripture in Daniel….1) knowledge will grow           2) there will be change

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just LOVE change and then there are times when I would do anything to keep the change from happening. I usually enjoy change because it keeps me informed….not stuck in a hole. It increases my knowledge about something, which makes me more qualified or interested!  But this message also made a good point about how change brings uncertainty and then we are reminded that we don’t have control. Control….who needs that?? Well, I’m sure I’m the only one with this problem but I’m a planner….so control is sometimes my best friend. I have had to learn the hard way and release that to God. Imagine giving the creator of the Universe control of your life…ha….what are we thinking ! Shouldn’t that be easy!!! Well, it sure would be easy if we would relax and  trust in His promises…promises that will never change. Matthew 24:35 – Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will never pass away. People of the earth …(me) are always searching for a path to follow…a plan to carry out in their life and here are promises that will never change. Why is it so hard to live daily claiming these promises in our life? I have found focusing on the positive(even if they are little) things instead of the negative helps you keep your eye on the promises for your life.

My friends and I  are starting a blessing journal….this was an attempt to not dwell on the negative. Because believe me…sometimes there is plenty of that! This has truly helped me see that blessings are all around me.

The last thing that really stood out to me in my notes was:

– The more you understand change ….the more opportunities come

Don’t we all want opportunities?! This is powerful! I want to stand in His promises and gain opportunities everyday! I know the walk with Christ is hard and sometimes we just don’t get where we are walking to, however; I have to remember that He LOVES us  and gave His LIFE for us. The  unwanted changes that happen in my life and the control I release are only stepping-stones towards the amazing blessings that He has waiting for me.  He is a God of Grace….something that we get but don’t deserve! SO…..bring on the change.


I can’t help but think about how quiet it is right now in our house…..what a change it will be when we have siblings running around everywhere….what a CHANGE!!!

What can you do today to change a child’s life!