Do you have a home?

This December has been so rushed. I feel like we are barely keeping up. It is now our Winter break and we are finally having time to catch up and enjoy some family time. One thing that is different this year is the answer to a question many have asked me. This question is usually something I really have to think about and usually don’t have a real good answer for because my love language is not gifts. The question is “What do you want for Christmas?” This year is not the first year that we have been trying to expand our family however; it is the first year that the answer to that question is….”I want to see my children’s faces.” I have been very emotional and eager to meet them. I feel that we are approaching the day when we get a phone call. So, as I was sitting in the church service today, I just thought…how perfect! The message was about how we should all have a home. We should all have a place where a stocking is hung with our name on it. Of course, all I could think about was …do our kids have a place they call home…do they have a warm meal…are they given encouraging words,hugs,and anything they need to succeed? The list could go on and on.
Our pastor gave each person in the church a stocking and had everyone write their name on it representing that we all are family…we all have a home if we accept it.
In my mind…I was just thinking I can’t wait until my children can be apart of our wonderful church that makes everyone feel welcome. However, my husband went above my wishing and just did it. He took a stocking and wrote on it for our children. Together we hung the stocking to represent that our children do already have a home. Yes…if your wondering…..there were lots of tears of course!
So, I have no idea when our sweet kids will be with us but they are already in our hearts. We pray for them daily and will be overjoyed when we see their sweet faces.


There is a place for everyone at our church!