Here you go……

So many of you have been asking where we are in the adoption process. The adoption process is different for everyone. Sometimes we have exciting news and sometimes we are just waiting. So, if you are wondering if we have been matched with a sibling set, the answer is no. However, we do have some updates for you.  The longer you are in this process the more peace you have with God’s perfect timing. We find joy in every step forward we take.

rheesrebekahLatest progress in the Lane adoption:

*We are approved through the immigration department.

*We prepared the Dossier and had it sent to Colombia to be translated into Spanish.

*We have mailed our fingerprints to the FBI and are waiting on  approval to complete the Dossier.

Next Steps are:

*After the FBI approval, we need to have it apostilled.

*Then we will be waiting on our Dossier to be approved by Colombia.

*At that point, we will be waiting to be matched with a sibling group.


Immigration…next step

Well, we are excited that we are now officially approved through our agency to adopt from Colombia. So, I want to keep you updated on our next step. We need to be approved through immigration. The Citizenship and Immigration Services received our paperwork and fees on  9/24/14. This process usually takes around 45 days to get an approval.  So around Nov. 8th we should hear something about getting approved. As soon as we get approval through immigration we can send the Dossier to Colombia.

One part of the immigration approval is getting your biometrics done. They schedule the appointment not you. So, when we got the appointment, we knew that God had his hand in this situation again. The  date was on our Fall Break….we didn’t have to take off of work!!! This was totally awesome since the immigration office is in a city 2 hours from us!

SIDE NOTE: I will blog about the Dossier later but basically we really needed our daughter to get some blood work done because of a scheduling nightmare.

So, why not get the lab work done in a town an hour away before we leave to drive the opposite direction for 2 hours. It was going to be an adventure! That’s just the way we do things!

We were done with the lab work and headed to the immigration appt. we had at 12:00 when my husband asked me if I had the paperwork. This was kind of silly because my husband and daughter both saw me carry it out to the car when we left. So, I looked in the seat next to me where my things were and it was NOT there. PANIC!

You see ….apparently this paper if super important! So, we turned around and went to search the house. It was not in the house and the immigration office had a 68 minute wait for the next operator. So, I just prayed we would find it or we would have favor when we arrived. We hopped in the car and headed towards our destination. While driving my sweet husband picked up his book for some light reading and guess what he was using as his bookmark. YEP….those important papers. We still today have NO idea how it got in his book.

It is fantastic that we found the papers but now we were on to our next problem. You see there was no way we could make it on time.

As we entered the doors it was super official. We explained the problem and they said they could not see us at our appointment but we could go in with our daughter to her appointment!! Praise Jesus!

After all of that we had our fingerprints scanned and were on our way!


Now we are just waiting for final approval!

Let’s get this paperwork started

In the adoption world there is lots of updating! We have sent in several documents that have expired and had only one thing left to update. That was our pictures of our home and family. This should have been a very easy task and an exciting time. This would allow us to move forward and get things accomplished. However, I just couldn’t get myself to take those pictures. Day after day it was something on my list to do that did NOT get done. I prayed about this and felt a very different feeling this time. Before I was very efficient and had the drive to get things done very quickly. This time I don’t have an urgency to get this done. I believe that God gives you moments of peace just to enjoy life. While resting you learn so much and are restored to where you need to be. I believe that timing is in God’s hands and if I push too much, I will ignore the great plan He has for our family. Through this journey I have really accepted to enjoy the blessings I have right in front of me and not to be consumed with what I want. What I want is a beautiful family that loves the Lord God Almighty. I have that right in front of me. And when God brings more kids to our house….they will also be part of our wonderful life. I can’t wait, but I’m not putting my family on hold until they get here. I have to live my life to the fullest and expect Him to bless us with an exciting journey. Who knows what he has in store for us!

During that resting time I feel like God has been preparing me for what is to come. And let me be honest. I am a little scared. I know that fear is not a feeling I should let in however, God is asking me to do some things that are just a little uncomfortable. But ultimately, I know that if God is asking…..and I say yes… will be amazing!

So, after that time of resting, I am back to the feeling that I need to get going on the paperwork. I have taken those pictures and they are in the mail as we speak. I am at my kitchen table with lots of papers, binders, and a beautiful sun shiny day! This paperwork will be interesting! It is the 1800A. You use this form to initiate the immigration process if you intend to adopt a child who resides in a Hague country. There are directions for the directions…ha! Then an application, checklist, and supplement 1,2, and 3!    Just 16 pages….. Let’s get started!

Here we go again!