Gifts and Greetings

Our life is in a season of change or adventure as I like to call it. We are trying new things and allowing our eyes to be opened to a life that is a little uncomfortable but  hard to explain how amazing it is.
My husband and I love to try new things and enjoy crafting together. Our newest hobby is working with leather. He began making some really neat things and it started to inspire me to try it out. He is definitely more advanced than me, however I love working on any project with my husband. We are a good team. No, we don’t always see eye to eye but we can complement each other to come to a fantastic result.
Although the leather work is fun, I am a person that has a desire to try new things. So, that isn’t the only hobby I’m working on. I also love capturing memories on my camera. I am a beginner but enjoy learning!
So, one day after talking with each other, we came up with the idea to have an open house that provided people with a place to buy jewelry for Christmas or have their family photo made for a Christmas card. We were so excited so share this day with others and sell our crafts at the same time.
So here is a little of what the day looked like:


DSC_0180This family was a fantastic blessing and full of laughter. Those boys will just melt your heart!    DSC_0250

This beautiful couple will do anything and everything to make sure you are taken care of . They have raised me to care about others and enjoy life! My mom came to our open house and made sure that every visitor had a sweet cookie and hot apple cider to drink! DSC_0318  And this smile…..well, I just can’t say enough about her beautiful personality. DSC_0189

These are my second set of parents. And they came also to support us during our open house. He is photographer and used his knowledge to help me take some great pics for our friends!


Here are a few samples of the leather jewelry. We enjoyed making each of these.

DSC_0245 DSC_0346DSC_0278

I had so much fun talking with friends and taking pictures that I forgot to take pictures of our newest jewelry.  I am very excited about it. It has pieces of tagua that are from South America. That’s another blog for another time.

This open house was a huge success. And was another thing we are adding to our confirmation that God is providing. This Saturday was the day AFTER we had an adoption fee due. It was a time that we just had to trust that God would provide when it was the right time. Sometimes you may think God is late….but please don’t give up. Keep the faith and God will always provide. This open house provided exactly what we needed for the next fee. Sometimes God just wants to see you keep your faith even when you don’t see how something will happen. I feel for any family who is adopting or going through the cost of infertility. KEEP THE FAITH….DREAM BIG…..DON’T GIVE UP