Profile Update

When adopting you get to fill out this lovely little document that really makes you stop and think.


We have filled this out before so you would think that this would be super easy. Well, guess again. This form is a very detailed list of what you are willing to accept in the children you bring home. It is a great way for the agency to match children with you. However, because of my compassion towards children, this is very hard for me! You see when you are a mom, you just take care of your children no matter what. If your child has any medical issues, you just do what it takes to help them. I don’t see any difference in the children we adopt. I do realize that some¬† conditions would be hard to provide for financially and we should consider what we are equipped to take care of . For example, our house is definitely not wheelchair accessible. We definitely have things that we are better at and things that we know nothing about. Since adoption is something new to us, we will be learning so much that we had no idea about. I call that adventure…..and I love adventures!! God made me like that!¬† I firmly believe that God will give us the children that we are being prepared to care for.

And yes, I said children. People often assume that when you are adopting, it is going to be ONE sweet little baby. NOT us! We have been called to care for ONE sweet sibling group.