New Year Full of Blessings

It’s the first day of 2013! I do have to say that 2012 was wonderful even in the midst of the very hard times we went through. Those heartaches just brought us closer to each other and our Savior! But I have to confess I’m pretty excited to see what God is going to do this year! We have just started the adoption process so we have awhile until we get details about our children, but we are always praying for the process to go smoothly and quickly. I’m sure that is what every adoptive couple prays!! We are aware of the long process and have talked about how we should just enjoy the time we have before it gets very crazy around our house.

As I have said before, once you start this process Satan shows up in full force. So, here are some things that I want to remember this new year. Remembering these things will help keep Satan’s lies away from me!

#1. Don’t make excuses. (ex: we don’t have enough money to adopt)

#2. Guard your heart and have peace.

#3. Focus on what  God has promised.

#4. Don’t let the negative thoughts build up and block what God has for you.

#5. Jesus is on your side!

#6. The most powerful weapon we have is the WORD!

#7. When having troubles or doubt…call upon the Lord first…not my friends.

#8. Remember that, as Christians, we have been called to live differently.

#9. Stepping out in faith is exactly what God wants you to do!

#10. Give the glory to HIM! (ex: when we pay for this adoption we should give him all of the glory…it isn’t us that will make this happen…it’s our Lord)

So, this year we want to live by this verse…I know we aren’t perfect…but this is what we want to strive for.

Matthew 16:24-25

Jesus says, ” If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”

I want to remember this year that we must chose to not be as comfortable and go to God with our troubles instead of the world.

I also want to just enjoy this year. Have fun with friends and not worry about timing of what I want! Hard…I know…but hey it’s a goal!

I can’t wait to see all of the blessings my friends are going to encounter this year!!!

Happy New Year,