Running Toward Nineveh

By Rhees

God has given me a truly great woman. She listens to Him and He speaks to her. He speaks to her…FIRST! You may recall that she really heard from God’s heart when she was alone all day on a Saturday. I knew I was in for a surprise by the way that Rebekah was urging me to read Adopted for Life. So I spent quite a bit of time and effort (at least for me) getting through that book. However the jig was up when I went by the computer and saw all these notes about the cost of adoption from other countries.

“CRAP!” I thought, “What is she thinking?!!! That’s the last time I leave her alone all day.”

Instantly, Satan started working me over, filling me with all sorts of negative thoughts. But I stopped and bound the enemy and invited God into that situation. I knew that adoption was God’s plan. Not my plan. God’s plan. He decides how this will go. I chose in that moment of doubt to submit to His will.

Jonah ran from Nineveh because God wanted to do something great through him in a way that he wasn’t ready to accept. Jonah knew that God could accomplish all that he wanted without his help. But God wanted to use Jonah, and there were people in Nineveh who needed to hear his voice.

One thing I have learned is that if you ignore God or if you try to do God’s will your way, it will not end well. You’re really not doing God’s will if you do it the way you want anyway. If you are reading this and wondering if you can handle adoption, just know that if God has called you to adopt, you can handle it. There are some children in Columbia who NEED to hear my voice. They need to hear me call them my children. I still wasn’t sold completely on this, but there was some major confirmation coming.  It was time for me, for us, to take a step in faith.  It’s time to run toward Nineveh!