Today was a very special day. Mother’s Day is filled with so many emotions. It is a day to celebrate Mother’s but there are so many women who are grieving and this day is just a reminder of so many things they are healing from.

I am truly blessed to have such strong examples of Mom’s, a daughter that made me a mom, and time to watch my daughter blossom into a  mom. I have healed through some very negative feelings of jealousy and bitterness and I am so joyful to truly celebrate this day with so many inspirational people.

And you friends who are following our journey and praying for us are part of that inspirational group. So, since this blog is to keep up with our adoption and be a constant reminder of how God is providing and giving us strength, joy, and peace through this journey. So, I figured it was time for a little update on what we need from you.

Things were moving so nicely and we were expecting some amazing news that would lead us into the matching process. Then we were suddenly surprised to hear news that would slow us down and potentially stop our adoption. We took the news and of course…you guessed it….I cried. However, we decided that God had worked so hard to show up through this process. We were not done trusting in His plan and resting in His peace. There were many people who continued to show up in ways that I can never thank them enough for. I feel surrounded with people who have been praying and our family feels peace….in a time that we could be mad…devastated….brokenhearted…..we feel there is hope and peace. I can’t explain it except for… if God is living in you, you have the strength, hope, joy, and comfort of the Savior that died for you.

So, through these times I love little encouraging reminders that there is a plan and we should never just give up….so….today my beautiful daughter gets me this perfect necklace. Seriously Perfect!

Be Brave And Keep Going

necklaceSo, this is where you come in …..Unity is important when you are believing in something HUGE! We want to join together and Unite our prayers in agreement that tomorrow morning……

*God’s plan will prevail

*God’s words will be spoken

*God’s words will be heard

*The truth will be recognized

*Clarity will be revealed in our letters

*Hearts will be changed

*Timing will be perfect

*Blessings will come to those working so hard for our kids

Thank you for joining together in agreement through prayer! This is a life-changing journey and we can’t say thank you enough for taking the steps with us!




I have recently started reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore. I have lots to say about this book because as usual it is in my life at just the right time! I love when God plants all kinds of things in your life to reinforce what he wants to teach you! Well, as I was reading today, she had me do this exercise that at first I wasn’t sure about. However, after doing this I had to share how helpful this was! I have heard and tried putting my name in scripture and applying it to me. That is a great thing ! But this was a twist I had never heard of. The scripture she was teaching about was:

Philippians 4:6-7  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

So she challenged the reader to paraphrase the passage from a negative standpoint. This at first just seemed wrong! However, after starting the process….I can say …..TRY IT!

*It really makes you think about the scripture and what it means.

*It forces you to think about if you are living the scripture.

So, here is my negative version of Philippians 4:6-7

Worry about the details of anything and everything, by dwelling on it constantly and focusing on how it is not fair, with emotions like jealousy, anger, idolatry, or low self-esteem, present these thoughts to everyone except God. And the unsettling feelings will start to weaken your body and mind, making you question everything, leaving your heart unguarded and your mind to believe lies.

This is powerful to me. When you look at these words, I think……I don’t want any of that! I want peace! So, many times in a hard situation I start turning to this negative paraphrase instead of the comforting scripture. This is powerful to me because I can easily look at this and make the decision to choose to take my emotions to God and choose peace.

I am so thankful for the new things I learn from people! Thank you Beth Moore!

It’s time to break free

It has been a LONG couple of months. I know that Satan is testing me to see if I continually turn to God in my trials and guess what. …I am so happy to say I have been.  I got to a point that I was letting fear in and I kept telling God that I was trying to be so strong and positive.  That is when God told me that He is my strength. I immediately felt a peace. The struggles I was dealing with did not magically disapear but I walked through them with peace. What a blessing.
I go through life believing that there are no coincidences. God is always blessing and guiding you. I have been talking with some great belivers about my trials and they have had some great encouragement. Well, recently my girls small group recommended that we do a bible study that was titled Breaking Free. I am always up for a new Bible study, so I bought the book and got started! And of course it was the perfect book at just the right time.


I am on a journey. I don’t have a perfect life but I am excited about my future!