A Summer Rest

Well, it’s Summer for me!!! I already miss my sweet students, but will enjoy having some down time. I always have a summer job that just kinda falls in my lap, however that has not happened this year. You see….I’m a money hoarder  saver!!! I love making that extra money in the summer to pay off debt!!! That just makes me smile thinking about it. But I think God has other plans this summer. I really need to spend time daily just enjoying time with my daughter (she is a senior!!),  focusing on other people and building my relationship with Him! These things always fall aside because I’m an on the go kind of person. Rest is super hard for me because my mind is always thinking of the next thing I need to do. I feel like I have never done enough so it’s a never ending cycle. While I have been thinking of what I needed to accomplish this summer guess what the sermon at church has been……??…..Yep…you guessed it! REST!! It has been a great reminder that we need to take time so we are not weary. He reminded me that God can strengthen you from what you are weary from but won’t undo what is making you weary. Right now it is easy to grow weary waiting on God’s timing but I keep trying to remind myself that I should not be weary of waiting. I should be preparing for our children. We won’t be very prepared parents if we sit around complaining that things aren’t happening. We will be more successful if we spend our time getting ready!

Like: Getting our house ready, Getting our soul ready, Learning and being fluent in Spanish, Learning about their country, reading books on parenting adopted children, details about dr’s, insurance, dentist etc, and the top one that I can think of is making sure our marriage is SOLID!

So, it’s my second day of summer and I’m starting a book that a friend let me borrow. Here are some great things from the 1st chapter! If you have kids…..you should check out date night in a minivan by lorilee craker !


Ch. 1-

It starts out about one parent being the bad guy and the other is the softie. Getting a handle on the different discipline styles can improve your parenting and marriage! Throughout our training for adoption and foster care we have gone over how important it is to recognize how you were parented because this is huge in how you react in parenting situations. Mr. Rogers said, ” No husband and wife were ever raised in exactly the same ways by their parents, and all of us bring echoes from our own childhoods to the task of raising our kids when it’s our turn.” So this is huge if you realize why you are acting a certain way, you can communicate with your spouse and let the defense  down so the understanding can follow.

In the book it says to find the “tugs.” These are things that set you off. You might not even know what they are but if you sit down and communicate the way you like certain things done those “tugs” will be obvious. This reminds me of the genogram we had to do in training. (a list of all our relatives with strengths and weaknesses) You could even list what was expected of you at dinner, bedtime, morning routine. This will give you a lot of insight to why you do certain things. Lastly, I loved  that the book reminded me that the man who you might be going to battle with about how to discipline is the man who you fell in love with and couldn’t stop thinking about when you would see him next. He is the one who slid that ring on your finger and promised to take care of you everyday of your life! Communicate in a loving way…..don’t beat him down because he does things a little different….compromise!

Enjoy your day and remember to relax and enjoy life!!