After hearing we were approved through the orphanage, there was no set time line for our referral. It could happen within the year. So,  I set off to get as many projects done while I had the time off work. Well, that all changed when I received a phone call Wednesday, June 17th at 4:50. Rhees wasn’t home and again our fabulous case worker waited at work until my husband hurried home before she told us our exciting news. It was definitely a whirlwind of a phone call. We were a little in shock! As the night progressed, all the details started to become so real!!


announcement heart (2)

~Together we journey to expand our family~


*What does this mean??

The orphanage that we were approved to adopt from has found a sibling group that is a great match for us. There is not a set date as to when we get to travel to meet them, but we are on our way to getting all the details worked out!

So, here is what most people want to know!!!

*the referral is for 2 girls

*they are 9 and 4 years old

*we have sent in the paperwork to accept the referral

*we have sent in our I800 to help us determine when we will travel to Colombia!

We continue to talk about how this adoption journey is an amazing story of how God provides. However, we also are beyond thankful for our family and friends who have partnered with us to bring home our girls who have an amazing future in front of them! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your prayers and standing with us on this journey!

This is not the end of our journey together….it is only the beginning!



Denial is just a river in Egypt

So, here is much needed update….

We were waiting for many weeks for an approval letter from the orphanage we wanted to adopt from.(accepting our family to adopt from their orphanage) It was taking much longer that we expected. And to be honest I knew that we were going to get bad news. I felt it deep in my heart and let it get the best of me. Then I realized that being focused on something I thought was going to happen wasn’t going to change anything. So, I just started to pray and embrace what might happen. Again I went back to the question, “why are we adopting?” It was the same answer we have had the whole time. To show God’s love to his children. To inspire, teach, comfort, encourage, build hope, heal, overcome obstacles, share dreams, and embrace that we all have fallen short but there is a future that is beyond our dreams. So, I started getting involved in things around the community that would allow me to show God’s love. This helped me focus on the big vision God has for me  instead of the typical worldly plan I have . I can still show God’s perfect love even if my plan isn’t going the way I want it. So, April 30th came with a very disappointing letter…….we were denied (meaning our adoption from Colombia would not happen)…..but we could appeal the decision.

This was very upsetting news….however, I really truly believe God let me know this was going to happen. You see if I hadn’t already had time to mourn this decision, I definitely couldn’t have charged ahead with confidence to appeal the decision. Because I had already had time to sulk and cry, I was able to pick up the phone immediately and make things happen. Don’t get me wrong….there were tears involved but that deep sadness that just makes you want to stay in bed….that was not there. With the help of my AMAZING (like so amazing that this appeal happened because of her) case worker we got the letters ready for the appeal and mailed them off. So, again we WAITED……

I felt such peace in this process. It was like nothing I have ever experienced in such a time of disappointment. My husband and I were not worried or anxious about the result we would hear from the orphanage. We knew that we had put our best effort forward and if the approval didn’t happen then that was a way God was showing us to move a different direction. However, we felt in our heart that there was too much evidence that God wanted us here. As I think back or go back through our blog there is time and time again that God provided a way. So here we are again waiting to see God work. I can’t express enough how amazing this abundant peace was we had when we were waiting on this decision. The waiting did not come with anxiety…we waited by moving on with our daily life, making sure we were still holding on  to our vision of showing God’s love to the ones already around us.

Then you guessed it……May 28th  came with an exciting letter!!!! We are approved through a private orphanage in Colombia!! We are able to adopt a sibling group of two  ages 9  and under.


This is a story that I just can’t keep quiet….God is so good! His plan will never fail! There is always hope and sometimes a plan or path that you don’t see coming.

Here you go……

So many of you have been asking where we are in the adoption process. The adoption process is different for everyone. Sometimes we have exciting news and sometimes we are just waiting. So, if you are wondering if we have been matched with a sibling set, the answer is no. However, we do have some updates for you.  The longer you are in this process the more peace you have with God’s perfect timing. We find joy in every step forward we take.

rheesrebekahLatest progress in the Lane adoption:

*We are approved through the immigration department.

*We prepared the Dossier and had it sent to Colombia to be translated into Spanish.

*We have mailed our fingerprints to the FBI and are waiting on  approval to complete the Dossier.

Next Steps are:

*After the FBI approval, we need to have it apostilled.

*Then we will be waiting on our Dossier to be approved by Colombia.

*At that point, we will be waiting to be matched with a sibling group.

Why a Sibling Group

Everyone has a different journey they follow and thank goodness because I have a few things I just don’t think I could do. I was thinking about this the other day and it reminded me of what people usually say when they find out I’m an Elementary School Teacher. Everyone always says, “I could never do your job!” I think that is funny because I have the best job ever! However, I completely know how they feel. I have those same feelings about anyone in the medical profession. That is just not my specialty.

So, my point is that we are all called to do different things and have different gifts. That even applies to your families. Families today have foster kids, adoptive kids, biological kids, step kids, and kinship kids. I love this because you are able to plug right into what fits you. When you are doing what you are good at, you are so much happier! And sometimes God gives you blessings that you had no idea you would fall in love with! Be open to saying YES to God. It will be amazing!

Well, we are definitely going to have a very unique family and we are very excited! We have a daughter who is 18 and a granddaughter who is 8 months. Currently, we are in the process of adopting a sibling group. So, we will have a fun-filled house!

Many people always ask, “Why a sibling group?” So, here is why:


1. That is the journey that we have been called to follow. We are teachers of 20-30 kids in a class, I think 3-4 would be right up our alley! Don’t get me wrong…..I know it will be CRAZY!

2. You get all your children in one swoop! YEA!!! There will never be a dull moment !

3. When I see a big family… makes me smile from ear to ear!

4. Sibling groups are usually hard to find homes for.

5. Rhees has had a very clear dream that we would be adopting a group of kids.

6. And we are very passionate to have our children live with their brothers/sisters. This to me is the most important reason to adopt a sibling group. They have a bond that will never be broken and I want them to feel safe here. We will do our best to make them feel loved and cared for. However; when they are flying into another country to go live with new people, they will have their siblings to provide that sense of familiarity. They will be able to share memories, language (Spanish), and color of their skin with their siblings….making them feel more at home. We know that in the beginning it will be hard and I believe that the comfort that these children will provide for each other will be so important.

Again….everyone has their own path….please understand that you have your own. We are not saying that this is the “right or only ” way to grow your family.

We are all called to love people….

you get to pick how you are going to do that.

Let your adventure begin!

Profile Update

When adopting you get to fill out this lovely little document that really makes you stop and think.


We have filled this out before so you would think that this would be super easy. Well, guess again. This form is a very detailed list of what you are willing to accept in the children you bring home. It is a great way for the agency to match children with you. However, because of my compassion towards children, this is very hard for me! You see when you are a mom, you just take care of your children no matter what. If your child has any medical issues, you just do what it takes to help them. I don’t see any difference in the children we adopt. I do realize that some  conditions would be hard to provide for financially and we should consider what we are equipped to take care of . For example, our house is definitely not wheelchair accessible. We definitely have things that we are better at and things that we know nothing about. Since adoption is something new to us, we will be learning so much that we had no idea about. I call that adventure…..and I love adventures!! God made me like that!  I firmly believe that God will give us the children that we are being prepared to care for.

And yes, I said children. People often assume that when you are adopting, it is going to be ONE sweet little baby. NOT us! We have been called to care for ONE sweet sibling group.