Room for 2

This is the fun part….the bedroom!

First, I found an inspiration picture and went from there. I had colors picked out that were very soft. They were pink, brown, aqua, white, and gold. I wanted a soft relaxing space for our girls. It needed to be a special place. So, we have some amazing things added to this space that made it just perfect and unique for our girls. It is a very small office space with NO closet and did I mention there are girls living here! This was a huge concern for me so we are embracing the word SIMPLE!

As we were waiting to meet our girls, we were able to send them a package. In the package we sent them each a doll. These dolls were the first real object they had from us that they started to bond with. They carried these dolls everywhere.

These bears pictured below were just the perfect gift from our pastor! They have the year they were adopted on them. Also, I heard from a bird that he also picked out the clothes for these bears. Can I say that I love my pastor! He is definitely an example of loving people! They absolutely love all the animals they received at the airport!

DSC_0713 DSC_0715One of the things I loved about the inspiration picture was the polka dots on the wall. They added the perfect touch! They turned out amazing but we definitely had some frustration applying them. With my lack of wanting to measure anything and our awesome house that is not level….there were some challenges. Thank goodness for friends with a laser level and my husband!


I had this wonderful vision of two twin metal beds…it was perfect in my mind. Then I had a reality check….this room could not fit the beds. (insert some weeping here….I really wanted those beds) The best bed for this room was definitely the bunk beds. The search for bunk beds took a whole day. I wanted them to be sturdy yet affordable. We found a great deal and my family helped set them up!


As soon as we found out we were getting girls, my sister-in-law started working on some beautiful quilts….and they are almost done!! The girls are going to love them!! And of course the quilts will make this space even more special!

To add another touch of love for the girls, one of my  friends added these pillows to  put on their bed. The material is absolutely my FAVORITE!!! And I am sure these pillows are covered in prayers!

There are also two more pillows that are not shown here that they girls LOVE! A sweet teacher friend made pillows with their names on them. They thought it was neat that they had a personalized pillow!


Globes are super popular right now… especially for adoptive families. I had no idea these things are so expensive! If you are adopting, money for accessories are pretty low on the priority list. So, I was beyond blessed to find out that our family had this globe from my grandpa. He also had the perfect gold lamp! In the Skype session the girls were amazed that it was a touch lamp. He passed away recently and I love that he is the light in their room and the reminder that the world is bigger than just where you live. These girls have big dreams and the world won’t hold them back!


The gold quote says, “The first time I saw you, I knew an ADVENTURE was getting ready to begin!”

DSC_0760This flower vase was fun and easy to make! We had everything to make it except the feathers!

DSC_0761 Did I mention that there is NO closet……so every space is used for storage!

DSC_0771We only had one picture of each of them before we left, so this frame was perfect. It had two places for pictures and the perfect quote in the middle….


We all know that dressers are expensive and I love projects that turn old things into new! So, my mom gave us her dresser to paint. (insert into your mind a wooden colored dresser, because the before picture was deleted by my precious kiddos) This warms my heart every time I see it because it is a piece of my mom. It turned out beautiful! The handles are my favorite!

Also, those frames on the dresser were made by my mom. She used Washi tape….you can use that stuff for ANYTHING!!!


When we got matched I was overwhelmed with the fact that all of my friends are so crafty!! I love it. So, a friend from church wanted to help out and I had the perfect job that I needed done but couldn’t do myself. I gave her fabric and a little idea and she blew me away with her talent!


While I was trying  to find the perfect pieces to make the room work with our budget, I had this amazing friend blessing the socks off me! It was important that there was some Spanish artwork in the room and she made that happen. It was also important to me that the quotes were meaningful. I really wanted to have MOST of the room done before the girls came home. So, she came over late one night and finished my unfinished work….aren’t these polka dots on this dresser fabulous! I can not say thank you enough for her friendship.



The girls love their room and I love that it has so many special things in it to show them they have so many people who love them. Thank you friends for making this space perfect…..and if I forgot to mention you, I’m sorry! There were just tons of you that were involved. I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU!


Why a Sibling Group

Everyone has a different journey they follow and thank goodness because I have a few things I just don’t think I could do. I was thinking about this the other day and it reminded me of what people usually say when they find out I’m an Elementary School Teacher. Everyone always says, “I could never do your job!” I think that is funny because I have the best job ever! However, I completely know how they feel. I have those same feelings about anyone in the medical profession. That is just not my specialty.

So, my point is that we are all called to do different things and have different gifts. That even applies to your families. Families today have foster kids, adoptive kids, biological kids, step kids, and kinship kids. I love this because you are able to plug right into what fits you. When you are doing what you are good at, you are so much happier! And sometimes God gives you blessings that you had no idea you would fall in love with! Be open to saying YES to God. It will be amazing!

Well, we are definitely going to have a very unique family and we are very excited! We have a daughter who is 18 and a granddaughter who is 8 months. Currently, we are in the process of adopting a sibling group. So, we will have a fun-filled house!

Many people always ask, “Why a sibling group?” So, here is why:


1. That is the journey that we have been called to follow. We are teachers of 20-30 kids in a class, I think 3-4 would be right up our alley! Don’t get me wrong…..I know it will be CRAZY!

2. You get all your children in one swoop! YEA!!! There will never be a dull moment !

3. When I see a big family… makes me smile from ear to ear!

4. Sibling groups are usually hard to find homes for.

5. Rhees has had a very clear dream that we would be adopting a group of kids.

6. And we are very passionate to have our children live with their brothers/sisters. This to me is the most important reason to adopt a sibling group. They have a bond that will never be broken and I want them to feel safe here. We will do our best to make them feel loved and cared for. However; when they are flying into another country to go live with new people, they will have their siblings to provide that sense of familiarity. They will be able to share memories, language (Spanish), and color of their skin with their siblings….making them feel more at home. We know that in the beginning it will be hard and I believe that the comfort that these children will provide for each other will be so important.

Again….everyone has their own path….please understand that you have your own. We are not saying that this is the “right or only ” way to grow your family.

We are all called to love people….

you get to pick how you are going to do that.

Let your adventure begin!

Profile Update

When adopting you get to fill out this lovely little document that really makes you stop and think.


We have filled this out before so you would think that this would be super easy. Well, guess again. This form is a very detailed list of what you are willing to accept in the children you bring home. It is a great way for the agency to match children with you. However, because of my compassion towards children, this is very hard for me! You see when you are a mom, you just take care of your children no matter what. If your child has any medical issues, you just do what it takes to help them. I don’t see any difference in the children we adopt. I do realize that some  conditions would be hard to provide for financially and we should consider what we are equipped to take care of . For example, our house is definitely not wheelchair accessible. We definitely have things that we are better at and things that we know nothing about. Since adoption is something new to us, we will be learning so much that we had no idea about. I call that adventure…..and I love adventures!! God made me like that!  I firmly believe that God will give us the children that we are being prepared to care for.

And yes, I said children. People often assume that when you are adopting, it is going to be ONE sweet little baby. NOT us! We have been called to care for ONE sweet sibling group.