Chicken Pox


Well, we are anxiously waiting to Skype with our girls. We keep doing paperwork after paperwork to get things moving but we have a little snag in the process.

You are required to Skype with the children. They need to meet us before we arrive to pick them up. I mean really think about it….kinda scary! So, it is important that we Skype with them, so they can meet us and start processing the fact that they have a family coming to get them! It is easy to say that this is so exciting….and don’t get me wrong…it is…but it is also very emotional. So we are praying that when they find out, they have time to process what is happening and have that feeling of peace.

So, the reason we have not Skyped yet, is because one of them has the chicken pox. They have to be really careful with her because she has been contagious and there are many children there that could get it from her. So, that being said, please pray that she is healed and we get to Skype next week with them. After that happens ….things will be moving quickly!

I know that God has perfect timing and He is our healing…so join in standing in agreement that she is healed and they come home soon.

Thank you friends!