Straight Path

This summer has been a summer of learning, listening, and saying yes to things that I don’t see myself qualified to do. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. (God has given me a dream…more to come on that later!!!)  One of the things that I’m learning is how to use my camera. I have been going out by myself on photography adventures to practice. I just wanted to share one of my pics!  proverbs 3-5 This picture kind of reminded me of our adoption adventure. I couldn’t see the end of the tracks but the path was straight and clear as to where you should go. We are putting our trust in the Lord and He will make our road to our children straight. Yes, I know that sometimes it seems so unclear as to what step we should take next.  But that happens when I am pushing my plan instead of waiting on what step God provides next. I have really been trying to take my timing out of this equation. It is sooooo HARD!!  But I know that when I have done that, I feel so much more peaceful and enjoy my everyday life. Worry takes over my life and sucks the joy out of everyday things. So, for right now, I am just delighting in our 17-year-old daughter, blessed by my amazing husband, getting our house ready for children, volunteering for a teen mom cottage, soaking my soul up with scripture, working hard on a dream that God has given me, practicing my photography skills, oh….and don’t forget laying out at the pool!!! I hope you are able to let the timing of your desire go and enjoy the summer!!!!